3 Types of Suite Signs in Jacksonville AR to Consider for Your Office Building!

How does a client come face to face with your company’s name before even entering your office? The answer is simple: s/he sees a suite sign. But there is a lot of variety to choose from. Moreover, this signage should allow for a seamless move inside your reception area where additional wayfinding and directional signs continue the brand impressions. At the hallway level, too, this signage product needs to fit in with other markers already in use. Does this sound like a tall order? With our 3 types of suite signs in Jacksonville AR, you can hit all the right notes.

1. A Standard ADA Sign Augments a Company’s Door Mounted Suite Marker

3 Types of Suite Signs in Jacksonville ARThe team at the March of Dimes does it right. Its primary suite marker features an attractive plastic display in a gold color with a black imprint of the company’s name. A slight curvature is pleasing to the eye. To boost wayfinding opportunities for those with vision-related disabilities, the management team commissioned a standard ADA sign that displays the suite number with raised letters and numerals while Braille II dots fulfill the letter of the law.

2. Custom Signage Impresses Patients at the CHI St. Vincent Location

3 Types of Suite Signs in Jacksonville ARSometimes, a suite sign is actually a building directory. This setup works well when you are located in a smaller office setting. In this case, the sign required a custom match to the business’ interior ambiance and overall color play. The use of aluminum or brass is an ideal selection for the setup. Because we can enamel the metal with any color that you like, creating a highly visible display that nevertheless fits right in with the rest of your interior décor is possible. Playing around with the office locations’ display color just slightly allows the marker to contrast well but still complement the hues surrounding it.

3. ADA Braille II Signs Ensure Compliance with the Law (but they look great, too!)

3 Types of Suite Signs in Jacksonville ARYou already know that the Americans with Disabilities Act governs the appearances of certain signs. Although standard suite signs and directories that are customized to match a business’ interior or colors are exempt, room labels are not. They must feature Braille II dots, raised lettering, and noticeable color contrasts. These are the suite signs you find on the inside of an office, within the halls of an office building, and anywhere else that a particular location caters to the public. Ideal material options include plastic, aluminum, and metal plaques.

Metal plaques, in particular, present a company’s setting with an air of elegance, permanence, which can be a significant enhancement of your brand message, and visual beauty. The durability of metal plaques is legendary. In fact, when discussing the 3 types of suite signs in Jacksonville AR, with business clients, the talk almost inevitably turns to metal and its many uses for signage.

Contact our experts today to learn more about your material, design, and display options for a suite signage setup that is perfectly in step with your brand appeal.

3 Types of Suite Signs in Jacksonville AR

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