Illuminate with Channel Letter Signs in Jacksonville AR!

The channel letter sign is about as universal a signage solution as you can imagine. No matter the niche or company size, channel letters light up the facades of storefronts and offices after dark. Have you ever wondered why there is no shortage of channel letter signs in Jacksonville AR?

Ideal Font Presentation and Color Display

channel letter signs in Jacksonville ARThe combination of your chosen font and the corporate color palette is an integral part of a company’s brand message. The channel letter design is ideally suited to present these style elements. Because we form the letters out of aluminum, our technicians can imitate any font style you might choose or logo form that you present to the public. Moreover, we can make the signage as large or as small as the façade’s dimensions and traffic pattern in front of your venue dictate. The color shines brightly after dark, in part because of the illumination options.

Lighting up the Sign in a Way That Bespeaks Your Brand

channel letter signs in Jacksonville ARThe real versatility becomes apparent quickly when you consider the various lighting options.

  • Front lit. With the LEDs built into the individual letters, we close off the fronts with colorful acrylic or polycarbonate panels. After dark, the light escapes through the front and emphasizes the color display of the letters.
  • Halo or backlit letters. In this setup, we close the fronts of the letters with metal and allow the light to escapes through the backs via transparent polycarbonate. By installing the letters with spacers that allow for a two-inch distance from a letter to the wall, the light reflects off the substrate and bathes the signage in a halo of illumination.
  • Combination. When you like both setups, we recommend the combination installation. In the past, clients would allow the light to escape through both the fronts and backs, which diminished the strength of the illumination somewhat. Now, we can install additional LEDs to create a stronger lighting presentation.
  • Open-face letters. This setup is an option that gets chosen only infrequently. Companies with an avant-garde, retro, or minimalist vibe may select this display. Instead of LEDs, we use neon tubes. We close the fronts of the letters with clear polycarbonate. The appearance of the signage is what you see in movies depicting the 1930s and beyond.

Add to the Impression with a Lightbox Cabinet

channel letter signs in Jacksonville ARThe logos that go along with the lettering typically display as box cabinets. In some cases, companies add a niche explanation that they present not as dimensional letters but as an elongated oval shape. With electrical cabinets, you have the freedom to show off even the most intricate designs with gradient color changes and a host of other layout elements. Just as with channel letters, the illumination is built in. Unlike the lettering, however, you only have the first lighting choice, which allows the light to escape through the front.

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about channel letter signs in Jacksonville, AR, contact our business signage experts to get more information. In fact, let’s set up a design consultation today!

channel letter signs in Jacksonville AR

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