A Look at Cast Metal Plaques for Little Rock AR

The cast metal plaque is as much a signage solution as it is a work of art. If you are thinking about adding cast metal plaques for Little Rock AR, businesses, municipal buildings, or outdoor venues, we can help. Do you know what makes these products stand out in all the right ways?

Excellent Uses for the Plaques

cast metal plaques for Little Rock ARWhen you need to commemorate an event, dedicate a building, present a seal, or provide a lasting reminder of a person’s life and contributions, cast metal manufacturing is ideally suited for the task. Because the production process makes lettering stand out as a three-dimensional display, it is also quickly becoming a favorite choice for upscale companies that need ADA-compliant signage for their venues.

Plenty of Color and Finish Options

cast metal plaques for Little Rock ARChoose from standard or custom colors to make the product stand out. When you want to integrate one or more tones from your corporate color palette, this product does not disappoint. That said, our clients frequently like to present a metal finish rather than a colorful exterior. Once again, you have plenty of choices. Bronze, brass, and aluminum are favorites. Finishes may include a glossy, semi-gloss, matte, or satin appearance.

Do you want the plaque to look shiny and new? Would you prefer that it presents with varying levels of oxidation? They give the sign a slightly weathered look that can add to its mystique and great appearance. For an aged bronze look, we can add a patina that shows in green or turquoise hues. It is a startling good look for a product that is brand new but artificially aged.

Create Visual Appeal with Borders and Background Textures

cast metal plaques for Little Rock ARAlthough you could commission your plaque to present without an edge of any kind, the majority of clients do want some definition around the exterior. We recommend a customized border that brings in style elements of your logo. That said, the look of a beveled edge is also quite attractive. Background textures may feature the great looks of leather, sand, or stipple, with some other designs in the mix. If your sign serves as an ADA marker, we recommend keeping the background texture to a minimum.

How to Install Cast Metal Plaques for Little Rock AR, Settings

cast metal plaques for Little Rock ARDifferent surface mounts allow for the safe installation of the products. Because we fashion the items from metal, some can get heavy, depending on the size you chose and we, therefore, ensure that the item is secured well no matter what happens in its vicinity. Obstructing the sight of screw heads is a snap with decorative rosettes. They quickly adjust to the look and feel of the plaque you have chosen.

For a post and panel display in an arboretum or similar setting, we suggest stake or other post mounts. They allow for a secure setup that still permits some touching and even the taking of rubbings. If you are uncertain what type of mounting technique would be right for your purposes, ask our experts for advice. We gladly visit your location and present you with the best options.

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cast metal plaques for Little Rock AR

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