Now Is the Time to Order Your Outdoor Trade Show Displays for Little Rock AR!

Trade show season is heating up. Already, plenty of business owners are putting in their orders for outdoor trade show displays for Little Rock AR. If you are still in the process of making your choice, we have three suggestions that might just be ideal for presenting your brand this year on the circuit.

Pop-up Tents Present Multiple Display Opportunities

outdoor trade show displays for Little Rock ARThe canopy covers a ten-foot setup. We can imprint it with your corporate information. The back wall reaches from the canopy to the ground. Think of it as an indoor trade show booth’s backdrop. It is entirely customizable with your corporate information or product-centric displays. Sidewalls present as optional, but we always recommend adding them to the mix. Not only do they offer added branding and marketing display opportunities, but they also help to create visual borders that give the entire setup a feeling of organization and spatial harmony. Since they install as half walls, you do not lose the open and airy feeling that makes outdoor displays so popular.

Inflatable Columns are Unusual Attention Getters

outdoor trade show displays for Little Rock ARYou already know that flags are wonderful attention getters, and you probably use them in your business for sidewalk sales and holiday shopping extravaganzas. But when you present an outdoor trade show display, you will likely find yourself competing against a sea of flags. Stand out from these presentations by relying on freestanding, inflatable columns instead. (And yes, you can still bring flags for the eye-catching movement of the material.)

These are excellent marketing tools that measure 18.5 inches in diameter and reach heights of 53.75 inches, 92.75 inches, or 115.25 inches. Fill the plastic base with sand to prevent the items from tipping over. Add even more security to the setup with stakes. We recommend investing in each column height to provide a layered approach that further catches the attention of attendees.

Pair Seating Options and Tables with Promotional Umbrellas

outdoor trade show displays for Little Rock ARInside a trade show hall, there are always seating areas and places for visitors to regroup, meet up with friends, and take a break to read some brochures. Why not be the business that provides this rest opportunity at your pop-up tent? With the consumer right there, you have a better than average opportunity to introduce and reinforce your brand message. Choose round or square promotional umbrellas that feature a customized branding display. Umbrella heights vary between 94 inches and 109 inches. Designate one umbrella as the hospitality venue, where a staff member gives away water, offers light refreshments, and perhaps even provides access to a cell phone charging station.

Buy Outdoor Trade Show Displays for Little Rock AR, Businesses

Although these three products are hot sellers and most certainly clear indicators about this year’s design trend, there are plenty of additional product options available to you. Consider also that you might select different types of giveaway items when hosting your outdoor presentation. Whereas indoors, attendees may appreciate key chains and pens, on the outside, you might include branded water bottles, sunscreen, or bandanas.

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outdoor trade show displays for Little Rock AR

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