What Type of Monument Signs in North Little Rock AR Are Right for Your Business?

The design of a monument sign has two distinct functions: attract the attention of motorists and support the communication of a brand message to the consumer at large. Achieving these goals requires a good understanding of your business’ overall setting and the message it seeks to communicate to the customer. So, what goes into the creation of monument signs in North Little Rock AR?

Continuing the Ambiance of Your Curb Appeal

monument signs in North Little Rock ARSome companies favor a glass and metal setting. Others operate out of old brick buildings. Not surprisingly, each location requires a monument that is as unique as the company that commissions it. At the same time, it needs to fit in visually to continue the branding of the venue. We typically work with three distinct product types.

  1. Brick, mortar, and rebar. This scenario allows for the traditional presentation of a monument sign. It is durable and typically features half-wall like structures or low-to-the-ground presentations. Facings consist of dimensional letters or sign panels.
  2. Foam. Sign foam is a sturdy setup that combines modern manufacturing with the ability to mimic any look you like. It is also less expensive than many other signage solutions. The product comes pre-formed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and with a broad range of decorative touches that might mimic river rock, granite, or even lumber.
  3. Metal. A relative newcomer to the scene, metal is nevertheless quickly gaining in popularity. These monuments might take on round or obelisk forms as well as shapes that are more familiar.

Determining the Visual Impact

monument signs in North Little Rock ARIf you like the idea of presenting your information with built-in illumination, we recommend the installation of channel letters or a lightbox cabinet for the facing. Some clients have had excellent success with the use of a post and panel setup that features an electrical cabinet as the board. With metal monuments, it is possible to incorporate the LEDs as part of the sign’s body, which then illuminate the information from the inside. Of course, you can just as easily aim two or more landscape spotlights at the product to ensure easy visibility after dark.

Going Tall

monument signs in North Little Rock ARThe zoning authority determines how large the monument display may be on your property. That said, we always recommend going as large as the overall setting allows. For example, if you are doing business in an area with three-story buildings, going taller makes sense. Conversely, if you are a stand-alone business in a location where one-story homes are nearby, staying closer to the ground keeps you in harmony with the area’s character.

How to Order Monument Signs in North Little Rock AR

Could you just look at a catalog and point at the sign that you really like? Sure! But are you confident that it is the ideal look for your location? We recommend discussing your plans with our business sign experts and inviting them out for a site survey. At that time, they will take measurements, discuss the placement of the product in your landscape, and identify the right size options for the location. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

monument signs in North Little Rock AR

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