What’s New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock AR?

Little Rock business owners are gearing up for the spring and summer trade shows. It is not too late to order your exhibits. That said, some forward-looking entrepreneurs are already planning for the fall expos that allow them to introduce new product lines – just in time for the winter holiday shopping season. No matter which expos you need to get ready for, consider adding the hottest new displays to your setup. What is new in trade show displays for Little Rock AR?

Literature Racks Encourage Back Booth Product Engagement

New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock ARWhile the front of the booth draws the eye and encourages immediate brand engagement, the back should allow for interactions with the product. Attendees who look over your literature and handle the items may not want to ask questions, but they might appreciate specs and similar details. Feature them in brochures and on glossy handouts that you stack in single-sided literature racks. In the past, these products looked a bit like an afterthought; now, they present with a contemporary appearance that makes them an integral part of the display.

Upgraded Retractable Banner Stands Impress with Versatility

New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock ARThe new models still present with an anodized silver base but now have adjustable feet. Fine-tune the height to reach between 60 inches and 83 inches. Display vinyl, fabric, or Melinex graphics. Augment the effectiveness of the banner’s presentation with a single or dual LED add-on. Although the venue will provide plenty of illumination, it does not hit your signage at the right angle for a maximum impact, and having your own lighting in place makes sense.

Stacking Push-fit Tension Fabric Display Turns a Booth’s Back Wall into a Visually Compelling Setup

New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock ARYou already know about straight and curved back walls. This model features two outcropping caps that earn it the moniker of “Embrace.” There are still the collapsible metal frames and the push-fit fabric we imprint with your desired graphics. Instead of being bound by the design, however, you adjust the four 3×3 frames as well as the four 1×3 frames. This upgrade is something that most consider a tremendous benefit for anyone traveling the trade show circuit.

Tall Rectangular Fabric Banner Displays Catch Attention with Height and Illumination

New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock ARThe simple construction of the frames allows the rectangular banner to display perfectly without a crease. Widths reach 35.31 inches while heights allow for displays as tall as 94.38 inches. What makes the banner pop is the wealth of optional illumination features that include the standard LED setups as well as floodlights and elongated light displays for an even greater impact. Rather than retrofitting other banner stands, we advise upgrading what you currently have.

Learn More About What is New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock, AR

To be fair, we have only scratched the surface. There are plenty of additional new display types and model upgrades that can take your current setup for from great to wow. If you are outfitting a new booth for the first time this year, contact our business sign experts today to learn more about your options!

New in Trade Show Displays for Little Rock AR

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