A Look at ADA Signs for North Little Rock AR

Who says that ADA signs for North Little Rock AR, have to be boring? These products must meet the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With respect to signage, these markers benefit those with vision-related challenges. The law requires a strict adherence to manufacturing rules that govern font use, color contrasts, a three-dimensional presentation, the use of Braille II dots, and also mounting locations as well as heights.

Why do so Many ADA Signs Look so Drab?

ADA Signs for North Little Rock ARSignage complying with the Act is the least favorite product of business owners. Afraid of conflicting with the law, they worry about presenting a look that is even in the slightest ornate. For this reason, big box office supply stores have done a booming business out of the manufacture of very basic markers. When one company executive saw the products in place at a competitor’s business, s/he decided that maybe this professional had the right idea and bought some, too. From there, the use of the products spread.

How to Use ADA Signage to Your Advantage

ADA Signs for North Little Rock ARHowever, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the branding opportunities that these products bring to the table.

  • Metal on acrylic. Metal is a favorite material for signage that must withstand a good bit of touching. Cast metal, in particular, is well suited for the display of the Braille II dots and dimensional messages. Choose from aluminum and bronze. We can mount the product to an acrylic board or feature it as a stand-alone setup.
  • Inserts and frames. If you anticipate changing some room locations in the future, consider the use of sign frames with inserts. We recommend metal or acrylic for the actual signage portion. It also makes it possible to feature three-dimensional displays.
  • Adding a logo presentation. The color contrast is easy to work with for your brand message. Select your main corporate tone, and we help you choose a contrasting color that perfectly suits your setting. Another option is the presentation of the logo in a muted display as an overlay. Some of our clients have had excellent success with this look.

It is interesting to note that there are tight restrictions when it comes to the use of ADA signage. There is a broad range of products that does not have to follow the rules of the Act. That said, you will also notice that more and more companies are choosing to voluntarily display ADA compliant signs for the goodwill this gesture generates in the community.

Do you Still Need ADA Signs for North Little Rock, AR?

ADA Signs for North Little Rock ARIf you are looking at your generic ADA signage and have been wondering if there is something better out there, our graphic artists have the answer. Contact our experts to learn more about your options. Moreover, when you entrust us with this project, we also handle the inventorying of your current signage. From there, we ensure that each product is displayed at the correct location and height.

Call us today to learn more!

ADA Signs for North Little Rock AR

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