Popular Types of Lobby Signs for Central Arkansas

When you commission lobby signs for Central Arkansas, you address consumer groups from Little Rock, Conway, North Little Rick, Benton, and Jacksonville (among other cities). This practice puts you in contact with a varied demographic of shoppers. It is not possible to customize the signage to satisfy all the requirements of everyone. But the fact that the medical and educational sectors are strongly represented in the area gives you a hint at the signage presentation that will appeal to the majority of visitors to your venue.

Customized Dimensional Letters Using Metal

lobby signs for Central ArkansasYou simply cannot go wrong with metal. It bespeaks elegance, the longevity of your company in its niche and the anticipation of being around for another long time in your field. Metal, because it is one of the more expensive sign-making materials, also presents your success to the client. For this reason, attorneys, accountants, and surgeons favor this signage setup above other presentations. Of course, you do not have to spend a million bucks to have a sign that looks like it. Sign foam with a metal laminate achieves the same result at a fraction of the cost.

Acrylic Panel Signs with Frosted Vinyl Overlays

lobby signs for Central ArkansasWhen you prefer the appearance that contemporary signage brings to a facility, the use of acrylic panels for the lobby is ideal. Right out of the box, the material is transparent. Some business clients like it that way and ask us to print their information directly onto the material. But if your wall surface is an eye-catcher in its own right, the transparency can become a distraction. Counteract this effect by painting the sign in one of your corporate colors or selecting a frosted vinyl overlay to go behind the panel. On the front, we can then install another overlay with your lettering, print the information directly on the acrylic, or mount dimensional letters if you want the best of both worlds.

Lettering and Panel Combinations are Unusual (which makes them stand out)

lobby signs for Central ArkansasIf you simply cannot decide on one setup, why not go with both of them? The combination of dimensional letters and a panel really is “a thing.” There are multiple methods of achieving a great impression. By far the favorite display is the use of dimensional letters to spell out part of your name, and then the use of a panel – featuring the same material – with the lettering cut out of it. The use of this negative space looks fantastic and beautifully augments the presentation of the sign. Another option is the use of the panel as the substrate on which we mount dimensional letters using a different material. Examples would include an acrylic panel with 3D aluminum letters.

Which are the Right Lobby Sign Options for You?

There is more to ordering lobby signs for Central Arkansas area business owners than merely pointing at a material and manufacturing combination and calling it a day. Invite our experts out for a site survey to get a good feel of your overall brand message and spatial setup. We help you decide on the right selection of materials, manufacturing methods, and installation options that truly make your branding shine. Call us today to get started on the process!

lobby signs for Central Arkansas

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