Blade Signs Stand Out in Busy Areas

Between foot and vehicle traffic, there’s a lot of people moving around Little Rock and North Little Rock Arkansas. Most of the time your building isn’t set up in a way that people are walking or driving straight toward it either. Blade signs are signs that stick out from your building, usually straight out from a wall or at the corner of two walls. This projecting quality makes them ideal for busy streets. Bring people in to take a look at what you have to offer with blade signs by Pinnacle Signs and Graphics.

Blade signs in Jacksonville AR

A Busy City Street

Imagine driving up a busy city street or walking down a crowded sidewalk. You’re usually moving parallel to the buildings in the area. That means that on a tight street, massive letters on the face of your building might not be the best option when it comes to visibility. You’ll want something that sticks out from your building out into the sidewalk. Blade signs do just that.

As people walk or drive down the street, blade signs put your name in their view. This saves them from having to strain to get a look at what your name is. Pedestrians might be able to see your store as they pass, but in a car, things go by quickly. Blade signs put your name out in front of vehicles, giving passing motorists time to read your sign.

They also make it easier on pedestrians. As you walk down the street, you’re usually too close to a building to make out a massive cabinet letter sign that spans the entire storefront. So, having a smaller sign that sticks out into the view of pedestrians passing by makes sure that your business can be easily identified.

For Shopping Centers

They’re also perfect for indoor shopping centers. Because your sign projects out from the walls of your building, high above the heads of the crowds, people will be able to identify your store or office even from a distance. Blade signs are the best option for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Blade Signs in Little Rock AR

Signs that Work

These signs are perfect for a business on a tight street or busy shopping center, but can also be used just to add a little accent to your business. Whatever you need them for, we can make you a blade sign that will get you noticed!

If you are interested in a customized blade sign to get your business noticed, call our expert team today to discuss your options!

blade signs in Little Rock AR

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