Push Without Being Pushy: Menu Boards for Perfect POS Displays

Point of Service (POS) displays sell your products where your clients purchase them. They’re a great way to upsell without being pushy, a quality that can sometimes drive clients away. Basically, anything that you want to push can be advertised at the point you convert a lead to a sale. You can use almost any type of signage for POS displays. But there are some signage types that work better in certain areas. For example, your restaurant counter might be a great place to try and push certain items. Your counter is actually a particularly good place to make use of menu boards as the perfect POS display. Menu boards by Pinnacle Signs and Graphics can entice your guests to buy the products you want to push.

Menu Boards Little Rock Ark

Menu Boards

Menu boards are a fairly self-explanatory type of signage. You display the items you sell on a large board. These are a great signage type if you have a counter in your restaurant. You can hang the menu boards over the counter or put them on A-frame signs. These menu boards clearly display menu items and prices. This is convenient for your customers. It also gives you an opportunity to sell particular products you’d like to push.

A Good Combo

Having your entire menu on your menu boards may crowd your menu board depending on the size of your counter. Sometimes you may want to pair the menu boards with smaller menus. If you choose to do this, you can keep only items you want to push on the menu boards. So, if you know you sell a lot of ham sandwiches, you may want to include ham sandwiches on both menus. Sometimes people may not even look at the smaller menus and will choose what they’ll buy just from your menu board items.


Enticing Images

Another way to push items with your menu board is to add images. If for example, you have a menu item that just isn’t selling, adding an image next to the item on the menu board might entice hungry customers to try it out. The image needs to be a high-quality and enticing image that will make mouths water. This is a great way to get new menu items to catch on among your clientele too. This is similar to someone going to the grocery store when they’re hungry. Seeing the food will make them want to try whatever looks good.

Menu Boards for You

When it comes to upselling and pushing items, it’s easy to go overboard and annoy guests and diners. Pushy salesmen have their place, but it shouldn’t be in your restaurant or bar. Use the power of suggestion to sell the items you want to sell with awesome menu boards for you POS displays.

If you’d like to discuss your menu board options or other types of POS displays, contact our expert team today!

Menu Boards in Little Rock AR

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