Businesses that Benefit from LED Readerboard Signs

There was a time when customizable signage was limited to messageboards. With a messageboard, you need to manually change each letter in your sign by hand. This was a hassle, especially if you opted for longer messages or your sign was high in the air for better visibility. Now, there are better options. If you’re looking for the customizable quality of a messageboard without the hassle of changing out letters all the time, LED readerboard signs by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics may be just what you’re looking for.

LED Readerboard Signs

An LED readerboard is a sign that uses LED lights to create your message. These signs are easy to program and highly visible making them a great option for any business. Some of the businesses that may benefit the most from these signs are:

Gas Stations

Gasoline prices change all the time. You may go to sleep with gas being sold at one price and wake up the next morning to find the price has changed dramatically. This means that gas stations have to change their advertised prices often and quickly. If a gas station isn’t quick enough in displaying a drop in price, their gas may appear over-priced and people may move on to the next convenient place to buy gas. LED readerboards give you the option of programming your signs quickly and easily. You won’t have to struggle to change the numbers in a tall sign either.

Community Centered Facilities

Some businesses and organizations may be incredibly important to their local communities. When your business is focused on the community you work in, LED signs give you the opportunity to provide important relevant information to the community. For example, a local bank can display the weather, the police station can display important safety updates and the municipal building can display local road closures. When your business is invested in your community, you build trust with your clientele. Providing this information will show your community how much they matter to your business.


Schools host plenty of events. From back to school nights to football games, it’s hard to make sure that the school community knows the dates and times of these events. LED readeboard signs allow schools to easily display these dates to anyone who might be interested. These signs also allow schools to reach out to the entire school community. A school can use an LED readerboard to display important updates about closures and delays due to weather and as students, teachers and parents pass the signs they’ll be able to quickly read and stay up to date. You can even use these signs to bid farewell to your graduating class. The uses are endless.

LED Readerboard signs in Conway AR

LED Readerboards for Your Business

Many businesses can benefit from the versatility of LED readerboard signs, not just those mentioned. If you’re looking for a customizable display, contact our team today to discuss your options!

LED readerboard signs in Little Rock AR

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