Safety Signs Keep Your Work Place Safe

Your space is important to your business. Whether you work out of an office, store or warehouse, you need your place of business to be safe for employees and visitors alike. Safety is a necessity. If people get hurt in your facility, it’s on you. There are many ways to make sure that you’re making your building as safe as possible. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is making sure you clearly label any dangerous rooms or areas in your building and mark emergency exits. There are a number of signage types that can work for your safety signs from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics.

Safety Signs in North Little Rock AR

Indoor Safety Signs

Indoor safety signs are important for your business. These signs can mark rooms that may not be safe for the average visitor. For example, you may use these signs to indicate an electrical room full of circuit breakers with a “High Voltage” sign. You can also use these signs to mark rooms where you might have heavy equipment that can only be used by certain employees with an “Authorized Personnel Only” sign. Any room in your building that may not be safe can be easily marked with vinyl lettering, a panel signs or even dimensional letters. Your best bet is to make these signs similar to ADA signs, though.

ADA signs are usually made to be highly visible even in low-light areas. By using high-contrast colors, ADA signs are able to be read at a distance and by individuals with some visual impairments. They also include braille lettering for individuals who may not be able to see. By following similar standards with your safety signs, you’ll make sure that everyone will be able to read your signs easily in a number of situation where there may be low light. This will ensure that people don’t wander into a dangerous area by mistake or can find their way out of your building in an emergency situation.

Outdoor Safety Signs

Some businesses may require outdoor safety signs. Usually, outdoor safety signs are made of vinyl or other tough materials. You can opt for a banner or other type of signage that will be highly visible. These signs can be made to be free standing or to be attached to fences for construction sites and similar areas. Outdoor safety signs are great for alerting people to an active work site. Or informing visitors that hard hats and safety equipment have to be worn while in the area. Either way, outdoor safety signs will keep people safe while visiting or on the job.

Safety Signs in North Little Rock AR

Safety Signs for Your Business

If you’re interested in safety signs for your business, contact our team today to find the right sign for you!

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