The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs For Your Business

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional, LED illuminated signs that hang on storefronts all over central Arkansas. They are professional, visible, and easy to customize for your brand. In fact: Many shopping centers include channel lettering requirements in lease agreements.

Pinnacle Signs and Graphics does custom channel letter signs for businesses in Arkansas.

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Should I get channel letters for my small business in Little Rock, Ark? Here are a few benefits of channel lettering.

They are durable.

Before we get into all the ways channel letter signs can enhance the branding and visibility of your business, let’s cover practicality. If you own a small business in the Little Rock area, you are busy enough with running a business. You don’t need more worries throughout your work week.

Channel letters are durable. They are mostly made from lightweight aluminum. They can be mounted in various ways to ensure they are secure no matter where they hang.

Channel letters are also recognized for being low-maintenance. They are secure and ready to stay lit for a long time. LED lights are designed for efficiency. They last a long time without running up your electricity bills.

LED lighting makes them visible.

Businesses often choose channel lettering for their storefront because it is professional looking and easy from a distance. Potential clients and customers can see your business name every time they pass by. Even during the night.

Being visible means a lot to how you brand your business. What do you want your customers to see first? With shortening attention spans and overstimulation, good first impressions are important.

Channel lettering has been proven to be an effective marketing tool. They increase brand recognition and—for retail shops—foot traffic.

When you design a channel light display, you have to chose from various lighting options. Do you want your letters to be back-lit, open face, or something else?

Have some fun! They are very customizable.

Most importantly, channel lettering is very customizable. Even though they look professional and expensive. They are actually pretty budget-friendly and brand accommodating.

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we know how important first impressions are. We want your channel lettering sign to accurately reflect your brand.

Many clients run into problems as they try to decide what their channel lettering should look like. For example:  space is limited. If you want your channel lettering sign to be read from a distance, the letters need to be large. Large letters mean less space. It’s important to keep your sign simple.

The team at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics is here to help. Contact us if you have any questions.

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