Directory Signs and Wayfinding Signs Don’t Have to be Boring!

Does your new Little Rock business seem like it needs one final touch? Wayfinding signs and directory signs help us navigate large malls and busy airports. A small business can also benefit from wayfinding signs as they help direct your customers or clients through your physical location.

Even though they serve a practical purpose, here are a few reasons why wayfinding signs DON’T have to be boring.

Wayfinding Signs

You can add branding to wayfinding signs.

Consistency is key. Branding is something almost every aspect of your business can take advantage of. Enhance consumer experience. You want your clients to be able to identify your brand with every interaction.

When you design wayfinding signs, or a directory for your small business, make sure it matches your brand’s style and voice. Here are a few ways you can add branding elements to wayfinding signs.

  • Use your brand’s colors. This is the easiest one to do since colors are easy to notice.
  • Write with your brand’s voice. Wayfinding signs, especially the ones required by the ADA, need to be concise and to the point. Use some creativity on the less important identification signs. For example: If your business has conference rooms, what are they named?
  • Think of how you want your customers and clients to experience your brand. Easy to work with? Friendly? Creative? Add those aspects to your wayfinding signs.

Use them to guide your consumer. How do you want them to experience your place of business?

Whether it’s guiding them to the correct meeting room or to the well-promoted sale rack, wayfinding signs will prevent unnecessary frustration from the moment your customer walks in the door.  

The wayfinding signs that guide individuals around your business don’t have to be boring. Think of how you want each client or customer to flow through your business.

  • What do you want them to see first?
  • At what point might they feel lost or the need to make a decision?
  • When will they most likely require assistance from one of your team members?

They can make for a fantastic first impression.

This is one of the easiest ways to make your clients feel like home as soon as they enter the building.

Wayfinding signs, done right, will help you make the best of first impressions. Identify the reception desk so your client will know where to go first. Be thorough with directions and room identification. Frustration is the last thing you want a client to feel as they walk through your office.

Use them to enhance simple things, like a parking spot, for an excellent consumer experience.  

Speaking of first impressions. How grateful would you be, while arriving at an office for an important meeting, to be greeted by a parking space with your name on it.

You can always add pictures.

A few signs require pictures to identify public rooms and exits. Pictures can be used for so much more. Pictures on your wayfinding signs can help with potential language barriers, clarify unique safety concerns, and more.

Get creative. We can help!

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