Signage Tips for Event Planning

What kind of signs do you need for your event? The branding and graphic design skills that have gone into your event need to be brought to life to achieve their full potential.

Good sign planning could be the key factor to your event going off without a hitch.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics we do digital printing for businesses and events all over central Arkansas. We can help you with outdoor signs, promotional displays, and more. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Use wayfinding signs to brand your event and guide your guests.

Whether you just need a sign pointing to the registration table of your 5K, or a whole room of signage to create an experience, signs will be essential to your guests experience. 

What happens to a venue when all your guests are unsure where to go? Chaos, frustration and so many missed business opportunities.

Even if the venue already has the ADA required wayfinding signage, you will still need custom wayfinding signs for your event. Signs pointing to the different tables, signs directing guests to areas of interest. You may even need signs to guide your guests through a series of activities.

Wayfinding signs will put your brand in front of your guests. Place them in eye-catching places.

Use large graphics.

You might not want to put a wrap on your vehicle for this event, but you might want to wrap a pillar.

Large images are eye-catching. They are perfect for promoting your event and branding your event while it is happening. Fill a window with a transparent image. Hang a large banner from the ceiling. Large signs are hard to miss.

Give your guests something to post on social media.

How often do you see Instagram posts of just a sign with fun lettering—especially channel lettering. Signs that are designed to be shared on social give your guests something to post about.

Think of your audience. Why do they want their social media followers to know they are attending your event. Design your social media signs accordingly.

What kind of signs are good for social media?

  • Large lettering. Dream big. Get creative with large lettering to show off your brand or cause at the event. Do you have a hashtag you want everyone to use to promote your cause on social media? Make sure it is hard to miss.
  • Signs that your guests can pick up and hold. Interactive signage will bring your brand to life for your guests. This is also a great way to give your guests a chance to be part of the experience. If you are hosting a walkathon or 5K, print encouraging signs for bystanders to hold up.
  • Channel lettering. Nothing beats illuminated fonts in bold places for a perfect Instagram post. Showcase the best aspects of your brand or event with channel lettering. The lighting could be a centerpiece, or the first thing guests see as they arrive.
  • Large designs that guests can pose in front of. Who doesn’t love a good selfie opportunity?

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