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    Yard Sign Tips for the Best Visibility

    July 21st, 2017

    During election season, you’re bound to see yard signs throughout your neighborhood. These signs will usually have the names of candidates and the colors of their associated party. These signs can be used for more than just politicians, though. Small businesses, landscapers, developers and individuals who work out of their homes can all make great use of these types of signs. You’ll have to make sure that your yard signs are looking their best and doing their job, though. If you follow these three tips from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, you can ensure that your yard signs are being noticed.

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    Choose the Right Colors

    Choosing the right colors for your sign is incredibly important. You’ll want two things from the colors you choose for your sign, cohesive branding and high-visibility. When choosing the right colors for your yard signs, you’ll want to make sure that the colors match the colors you use in your existing branding. A cohesive brand builds familiarity with your clientele, which in turn, builds trust. You’ll also want to make sure that your colors are high-contrast. High-contrast colors are easier to see at a distance or in low light. You’ll want to make sure that your signs are being read, so highly visible colors help.

    Double Check Your Copy

    Your sign copy is the wording you choose to display on your signs. This is basically the message you want your audience to read. So, your copy is an important part of your sign. Because of its importance, you’ll want to make sure that your copy doesn’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors. These types of mistakes are easy to make but can cause serious damage. A misplaced comma or a forgotten apostrophe can totally change the meaning of your sign. That can lead to confusion or even a public relations nightmare. You’ll also want to keep your copy short. Only include relevant information, so your sign is easier to read quickly. Double check your copy and make sure it’s clear and concise.

    Choose the Right Location

    The most important part of a good yard sign is the location you choose. Where you place your sign is vital to its visibility. This means you need to check the view of your sign and make sure that pedestrians and motorists alike will be able to read it before they’re on top of it. Make sure that hills, shrubs or trees aren’t blocking the view of your sign. You’ll also want to make sure that your yard is well maintained. If your grass is so high that it’s blocking the view of your sign, your sign isn’t doing you any good. A poorly maintained yard hosting your name on a sign also reflects poorly on your business.

    Yard Signs for You

    If you’re interested in yard signs to advertise your business, contact our team today to discuss your options!

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    Real Estate Signs: An Industry Necessity

    July 19th, 2017

    Real estate is a tough business. Most, if not all, of your pay comes from the commission you make on sales. That means advertising your properties becomes incredibly important to your success in real estate. One of the most straightforward and simple ways to make sure that you’re making money as a realtor is using signs to build interest in the properties you’re selling. Real estate signs by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics can display important information and let people know that a house is for sale. With the right colors, fonts and images, this can be a winning combination for closing a sale and making money.

    Residential real estate signs for North Little Rock AR

    Display Important Information

    One of the most crucial parts of your real estate signs needs to be the information you include on it. Too much info will be easy to miss, but the right balance of lettering can make or break a sale. A real estate sign needs to include your name and contact info, but also information about the house. You’ll want to include specs like how many square feet the house is, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms. Having this information readily available on a sign will entice those who are interested and those that are just passing by.

    Let People Know

    Without a sign in the front yard, how would people know that a house was for sale? One of the key factors in selling a house is people finding that house. People will be able to search listings on the internet, but sometimes it’s driving by a home that makes people fall in love with it. Putting a real estate sign in the front yard of your listing will let everyone know that the house is for sale. This may even inspire neighbors to inform friends and relatives looking for a new home that your listing is available.

    The Right Sign for You

    Most people in the real estate business work for a licensed agency. Sometimes these agencies require your real estate signs to match their branding. If you can add some of your own personal flair to your sign, you may want to choose a font or color that will suit you. We make real estate signs to your specifications. So, if you need the color of your agency on your sign, that isn’t a problem. If you’d like to include your picture, we can do that. And if you want to create a totally unique sign that will turn heads, consider it done.

    Residential real estate signs for North Little Rock AR

    Real Estate Signs for You

    If you’re looking for real estate signs, contact our team today to discuss your options.

    Residential real estate signs for North Little Rock AR

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    Channel Letter Signs Made to Suit You

    July 17th, 2017

    One of the first rules of signage is making sure that your sign is as visible as you can make it. This means finding the right combination of height, size, colors and light to fit your sign and your audience. You don’t want to invest in signage that won’t be seen by anyone. That’s a waste of your money. If you have the right kind of space, channel letter signs can be one of the most visible options. Channel letters can be mounted just about anywhere, but they usually go on your building, giving them height. You can use colors that will match your existing branding and will grab attention. With a channel letter sign by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, you won’t even have to worry about coding or lease violations.

    Channel Letter Signs in North Little Rock AR

    High Visibility

    When it comes to visibility, height, size and illumination are important factors. Channel letter signs combine these aspects of your signs to create a display that’s highly visible even at a distance. Channel letters are usually mounted to your building. This gives them a great height to be seen at a distance. Channel letter signs can also be made in different sizes depending on the space you have to work with. The bigger the letters the more visible they’ll be. Lastly, illumination is key. The brighter your sign, the better people will be able to read it. Channel letters give you a number of options for illuminating your sign. You can opt for back-lit or front-lit channel letters, or letters where the lighting fixture is visible.

    Match Your Branding

    We can make channel letter signs that match your existing branding to a tee. We’ll make your channel letters to match the colors of your brand and the fonts of your existing marketing material. A uniform brand is essential to building your business, so keeping your sign consistent with your other material is your best option.

    Fit Your Code

    Aside from the branding, we’ll also make signs that work for your location. Depending on the city you’re located in or the stipulations of your lease, your sign needs to meet certain standards. You may not be allowed to have certain types or sizes of signs on your building. So, we’ll make sure that your signs fit the codes, laws and regulation that you need to follow.

    channel letter signs in Jacksonville AR

    Channel Letter Signs for You

    If you’re interested in channel letter signs for your business, contact our expert team today to discuss your options.

    channel letter signs in Little Rock AR

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    Vehicle Wraps Change the Look of Your Car

    July 14th, 2017

    Vehicle wraps are a great option for turning your car into a mobile advertising machine. But a vehicle wrap can be used for more than just creating awesome advertising. You can use a vehicle wrap on your personal vehicle as well as your commercial vehicles. This means that you can get the perfect color and design for your car or truck. More affordable than a full paint job, vehicle wraps are a great option for anyone looking to change the look of their car. Vehicle wraps by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics can turn your car into an extension of your personality.

    vehicle wraps in Little Rock AR

    Impress People

    One of the first things a person might notice about you is the car you drive. If you pull up to an important interview in a junky car, the individuals you’re meeting will find it hard to take your seriously. A vehicle wrap is a great solution for making your old car look like a whole new ride. A vehicle wrap can hide any wear and tear on your car pretty well. So, when you’re driving around town, you won’t have to worry about the way your car looks.

    Suit Your Style

    You want your car to look good, but you also want it to suit your personal style and taste. A vehicle wrap can turn your car into and extension of your personality. Sometimes you buy a car because it’s convenient instead of buying the exact car you want. One of the easiest things to sacrifice is the perfect color. If the car is affordable, you might jump at the chance even if the car isn’t in the right color for you. With a vehicle wrap, you can easily make your car the color you always wanted it to be. Or if you’re really into a pattern like camo or cheetah-print you can use a vehicle wrap to cover your whole car or just parts of your car in that pattern.

    Fight Off Boredom

    Even if you’re just getting bored with your car, a vehicle wrap can help. After a while, everyone gets bored with their vehicle. But buying a newer model can be seriously expensive. Vehicle wraps are a quick and affordable way to make your car more interesting. You’ll be happy to be driving a car that looks like it’s brand new. And if you get bored again, vehicle wraps can easily be removed and changed, unlike a brand-new paint job.

    3M Vehicle Wraps in Little Rock AR

    Vehicle Wraps for You

    If you’re interested in changing the way your vehicle looks, contact our team today to discuss your vehicle wrap options!

    vehicle wraps in Little Rock AR

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    The Benefits of Monument Signs for Your Business

    July 12th, 2017

    Not all signs are created equal. Some signs serve a single purpose and some are multi-functional. Some signs can be made to your exact specifications and some have far less customizability. If you want a sign that does more than just display your name, monument signs by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics might be the perfect option for you. These signs can be made to meet your needs and build your brand in a unique way. And you can choose from a variety of materials to add to your designs. These permanent signs are sure to turn heads and build your reputation in your community.

    monument signs in North Little Rock AR


    Monument signs are the type of signage that does more than simply displaying your name. Monument signs represent your business and build your name in your community, but they also serve as a wayfinding device. Monument signs are the type of signage that people easily notice. This makes your monument sign perfect for showing people where your business is located. Monument signs work especially well at the end of a long driveway or in a large parking lot where your building itself may not be easily visible from the road. You can even use your monument sign as a landmark when giving people directions to your business.


    Because monument signs combine beautiful architectural design and graphic design you have more options when choosing the way your sign looks. We can make the base of your sign from a number of materials that will add to your aesthetic and mesh with your landscaping. We’ll also make sure that the graphic design of the sign itself matches your existing brand perfectly. You can use the fonts and colors of your existing marketing material and choose a base that meshes with those perfectly for a uniform, professional look.


    Monument signs are a permanent option too. You invest in the staying power of your business when you purchase a monument sign. These signs are made to stand up to year-round outdoor weather, so you won’t have to worry. Monument signs show people that you’ve set up roots in your community. Your business is tied to the community it serves and when people see that you mean to stick around they’re more inclined to trust you. So, a monument sign can be a signal to people that your business is proud of its location and doesn’t plan on relocating any time soon.

    monument signs in North Little Rock AR

    Monument Signs for Your Business

    If you’re interested in a monument sign for your business, contact our expert team today!

    monument signs in North Little Rock AR

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    Businesses that Benefit from LED Readerboard Signs

    July 10th, 2017

    There was a time when customizable signage was limited to messageboards. With a messageboard, you need to manually change each letter in your sign by hand. This was a hassle, especially if you opted for longer messages or your sign was high in the air for better visibility. Now, there are better options. If you’re looking for the customizable quality of a messageboard without the hassle of changing out letters all the time, LED readerboard signs by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics may be just what you’re looking for.

    LED Readerboard Signs

    An LED readerboard is a sign that uses LED lights to create your message. These signs are easy to program and highly visible making them a great option for any business. Some of the businesses that may benefit the most from these signs are:

    Gas Stations

    Gasoline prices change all the time. You may go to sleep with gas being sold at one price and wake up the next morning to find the price has changed dramatically. This means that gas stations have to change their advertised prices often and quickly. If a gas station isn’t quick enough in displaying a drop in price, their gas may appear over-priced and people may move on to the next convenient place to buy gas. LED readerboards give you the option of programming your signs quickly and easily. You won’t have to struggle to change the numbers in a tall sign either.

    Community Centered Facilities

    Some businesses and organizations may be incredibly important to their local communities. When your business is focused on the community you work in, LED signs give you the opportunity to provide important relevant information to the community. For example, a local bank can display the weather, the police station can display important safety updates and the municipal building can display local road closures. When your business is invested in your community, you build trust with your clientele. Providing this information will show your community how much they matter to your business.


    Schools host plenty of events. From back to school nights to football games, it’s hard to make sure that the school community knows the dates and times of these events. LED readeboard signs allow schools to easily display these dates to anyone who might be interested. These signs also allow schools to reach out to the entire school community. A school can use an LED readerboard to display important updates about closures and delays due to weather and as students, teachers and parents pass the signs they’ll be able to quickly read and stay up to date. You can even use these signs to bid farewell to your graduating class. The uses are endless.

    LED Readerboard signs in Conway AR

    LED Readerboards for Your Business

    Many businesses can benefit from the versatility of LED readerboard signs, not just those mentioned. If you’re looking for a customizable display, contact our team today to discuss your options!

    LED readerboard signs in Little Rock AR

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    The Many Uses for Post and Panel Signs

    July 7th, 2017

    There are a number of highly-versatile signage options, but one of the most versatile of these is a post and panel sign. Post and panel signs can be a great option for a number of jobs. They are a useful tool in your advertising arsenal. Post and panel signs are made to last but are great for temporary use too. This expands the ways you can use this sign beyond more permanent options. If you’re interested in a versatile sign, a post and panel sign by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics is a great option. Here are just a few ways that individuals use post and panel signs:

    Refurbished Post and Panel


    Wayfinding Signs

    Post and panel signs make great outdoor wayfinding signs. This is especially useful if your business is located in a large office park, strip mall or other area where your clientele may have trouble finding you. A single post and panel sign can include in-depth directions or just general wayfinding information. For example, you can include several signs with arrows pointing the way to your business. Or you could have several businesses on one sign with arrows pointing in the direction of each business. These signs make navigating parking lots much easier.

    Monument Signs

    Post and panel signs can also be used as temporary (or even permanent) monument signs. Monument signs usually include the name of your business and relevant information like phone numbers and address. Like the wayfinding signs, these signs can be used for a single business or include the names of several businesses in an area. Aside from displaying important information, monument signs also give people a good impression of where your business is located. And if you’re not planning on staying in a location long, post and panel signs are easy to install and remove. This means that you don’t have to spend more money on a permanent option and can even take the sign with you to a new location.

    Real Estate Signs

    Post and panel signs are great for real estate too. Yard signs are usually the go-to for realtors, but a post and panel sign adds a refined look to your signs. Post and panel signs can also be made much larger than your yard signs. So, if you’re trying to sell space in an office building or apartments in a complex, you can add more information that may appeal to potential buyers. You can easily include square footage and amenities that are included with these spaces on your signs with post and panel signs.

    Post and Panel Signs for Your Business

    If you’re interested in post and panel signs for your business, contact our team today to discuss your options!

    custom business signs in Little Rock AR

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    Safety Signs Keep Your Work Place Safe

    July 5th, 2017

    Your space is important to your business. Whether you work out of an office, store or warehouse, you need your place of business to be safe for employees and visitors alike. Safety is a necessity. If people get hurt in your facility, it’s on you. There are many ways to make sure that you’re making your building as safe as possible. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is making sure you clearly label any dangerous rooms or areas in your building and mark emergency exits. There are a number of signage types that can work for your safety signs from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics.

    Safety Signs in North Little Rock AR

    Indoor Safety Signs

    Indoor safety signs are important for your business. These signs can mark rooms that may not be safe for the average visitor. For example, you may use these signs to indicate an electrical room full of circuit breakers with a “High Voltage” sign. You can also use these signs to mark rooms where you might have heavy equipment that can only be used by certain employees with an “Authorized Personnel Only” sign. Any room in your building that may not be safe can be easily marked with vinyl lettering, a panel signs or even dimensional letters. Your best bet is to make these signs similar to ADA signs, though.

    ADA signs are usually made to be highly visible even in low-light areas. By using high-contrast colors, ADA signs are able to be read at a distance and by individuals with some visual impairments. They also include braille lettering for individuals who may not be able to see. By following similar standards with your safety signs, you’ll make sure that everyone will be able to read your signs easily in a number of situation where there may be low light. This will ensure that people don’t wander into a dangerous area by mistake or can find their way out of your building in an emergency situation.

    Outdoor Safety Signs

    Some businesses may require outdoor safety signs. Usually, outdoor safety signs are made of vinyl or other tough materials. You can opt for a banner or other type of signage that will be highly visible. These signs can be made to be free standing or to be attached to fences for construction sites and similar areas. Outdoor safety signs are great for alerting people to an active work site. Or informing visitors that hard hats and safety equipment have to be worn while in the area. Either way, outdoor safety signs will keep people safe while visiting or on the job.

    Safety Signs in North Little Rock AR

    Safety Signs for Your Business

    If you’re interested in safety signs for your business, contact our team today to find the right sign for you!

    Signs in Little Rock AR

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    Vehicle Wraps Are Great for Food Trucks

    July 3rd, 2017

    Food trucks have become a popular industry. There are a number of great benefits to food trucks. The low overhead cost makes them good for chefs who are just starting in the business. Usually, these up and coming cooks have some of the most innovative ideas in the food industry. But there are hurdles to overcome. Not everyone understands that food trucks are no longer just simple street food. Food trucks are serving up awesome meals at affordable prices, but some people aren’t noticing. To get the word out about your food truck, try vehicle wraps from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics.

    vehicle wraps for North Little Rock AR

    Some Stigma

    Food trucks offer both novice and established chefs the ability to have fun with food. The limited space in a food truck kitchen makes simple dishes necessary. Simple dishes usually give cooks the chance to experiment and push the boundaries of what can be done with simple ingredients. Food trucks have become a revolutionary industry because of this and chefs have made careers and reputations by pushing the boundaries of what can be served out of the back of a vehicle. But people aren’t always seeing food trucks as culinary innovators. Some people see food trucks as the convenient, but regrettable option for a quick lunch.

    The Right Advertising

    So, how do you combat this stigma and grow your clientele with a food truck? The simple answer: the right advertising. The right advertising will not only build your brand and expose your business, but will give your food truck a professional look. One of the best options for this mix of brand building exposure and professional image are full vehicle wraps. A vehicle wrap gives your food truck a sleek look, can display important information and will catch the eye of people passing by. All of this combines to make your food truck a success.

    Vehicle Wraps for Your Food Truck

    Because a vehicle wrap is a seamless vinyl advertisement, it covers your entire vehicle and adds a uniform look to your truck. It’ll also hide any blemishes or scratches that might take away from your professional aesthetic. You’ll also be able to add the name of your business, your contact information and your Twitter handle. This allows you to easily tweet your location and have people find your truck. A full vehicle wrap can also include of the colors and images that you want. You can add the colors of your existing branding plus your logo for a fully branded advertisement. You can also add images of your top-selling dishes to grab attention.

    Vehicle Wraps in Conway AR

    If you’re in the food truck business, a vehicle wrap might be the perfect solution to your advertising needs. If you’re interested in a vehicle wrap for your food truck, contact out team today!

    vehicle wraps in Little Rock AR

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    Push Without Being Pushy: Menu Boards for Perfect POS Displays

    June 30th, 2017

    Point of Service (POS) displays sell your products where your clients purchase them. They’re a great way to upsell without being pushy, a quality that can sometimes drive clients away. Basically, anything that you want to push can be advertised at the point you convert a lead to a sale. You can use almost any type of signage for POS displays. But there are some signage types that work better in certain areas. For example, your restaurant counter might be a great place to try and push certain items. Your counter is actually a particularly good place to make use of menu boards as the perfect POS display. Menu boards by Pinnacle Signs and Graphics can entice your guests to buy the products you want to push.

    Menu Boards Little Rock Ark

    Menu Boards

    Menu boards are a fairly self-explanatory type of signage. You display the items you sell on a large board. These are a great signage type if you have a counter in your restaurant. You can hang the menu boards over the counter or put them on A-frame signs. These menu boards clearly display menu items and prices. This is convenient for your customers. It also gives you an opportunity to sell particular products you’d like to push.

    A Good Combo

    Having your entire menu on your menu boards may crowd your menu board depending on the size of your counter. Sometimes you may want to pair the menu boards with smaller menus. If you choose to do this, you can keep only items you want to push on the menu boards. So, if you know you sell a lot of ham sandwiches, you may want to include ham sandwiches on both menus. Sometimes people may not even look at the smaller menus and will choose what they’ll buy just from your menu board items.


    Enticing Images

    Another way to push items with your menu board is to add images. If for example, you have a menu item that just isn’t selling, adding an image next to the item on the menu board might entice hungry customers to try it out. The image needs to be a high-quality and enticing image that will make mouths water. This is a great way to get new menu items to catch on among your clientele too. This is similar to someone going to the grocery store when they’re hungry. Seeing the food will make them want to try whatever looks good.

    Menu Boards for You

    When it comes to upselling and pushing items, it’s easy to go overboard and annoy guests and diners. Pushy salesmen have their place, but it shouldn’t be in your restaurant or bar. Use the power of suggestion to sell the items you want to sell with awesome menu boards for you POS displays.

    If you’d like to discuss your menu board options or other types of POS displays, contact our expert team today!

    Menu Boards in Little Rock AR

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