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    4 Tips For Making Your Promotional Materials Stand Out

    February 23rd, 2018

    Promotional materials are important for any kind of business. Whether you are promoting your business in a business to business format or a business to consumer format, your promotional materials need to make an impression. Here are a few things we’ve learned from helping clients put together promotional materials.

    1. Promotional materials attract attention with creativity, not flashy displays.

    Challenge your marketing team—even if you are a small business and the “marketing team” is just you—to stay away from traditional, overused design elements. It’s important that your message be easy to understand. Beyond that, you have a lot of creative freedom.

    Is there anyway you can think to go beyond normal promotional materials and banners? Perhaps the venue you will be at has something unique to offer. See if they will work with you. It never hurts to ask.

    2. Don’t lose any of your brand’s authenticity.

    A good promotional display stands out, it doesn’t have to lose any of the authenticity you’ve built into your brand and product. Make sure passersby know why what you are offering is valuable to them. You want to make an impression that will be the start of a business relationship.

    What makes you excited to talk about your product or business? Start there. Remember, the goal is to talk to real people. Use a design that will help start a conversation, not just stand out. Stay away from anything that feels too formal for your brand. If you are bored, the people passing by during the trade show will be too.

    3. Leave a lasting impression.

    This tip is much easier said than done. You’ve created a design that lets your audience know what you have to offer and why your business or product is valuable. After the trade show is over and everyone’s promotional material has been dismantled, attendees have a chance to go over what they’ve learned and make decisions.

    How do you leave a lasting impression? It depends on your area of business, your industry, your product, and your brand. Perhaps you can have your promotional displays ask a question for the audience to consider.

    At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we help our clients brainstorm ways to leave a lasting impression with their promotional materials. We do our design in-house.

    4. Use modern technology as part of your display.

    Having the right technology might be the key to making your promotional display a success. This might mean including QR codes on your materials or having a digital presentation with videos, informational graphics, and more.

    If any part of your promotional display is electronically powered, make sure you have a backup power source. Not all venues have convenient power sources.

    Have an event coming up? Get social with us at our Facebook page, and we can let you know how we can help. 

    promotional materials ideas


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    ADA Sign Bingo Every Small Business Should Win

    February 22nd, 2018

    Nothing says “we would be a great business partner” like making sure your place of business is accommodating to all types of disabilities. Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant signs are a necessity for every place of business. Where are ADA compliant signs required? Do regulations for these signs restrict creativity?

    At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we create ADA compliant signs and graphics for businesses all over central Arkansas. We’ll help you understand which signs are needed for your business. We can also help you design them so they match the rest of your building. Click here to learn more. 

    ADA compliant signs can be used to identify a room, space, or area. Any permanent room, space, or area on your building must be identified with an ADA compliant sign. Important information about these rooms must also be included in these signs. For example; an electrical room needs to be labeled as such for safety reasons. These signs can let visitors know if the exit or room is accessible to wheelchairs and more.

    These rules are easy to follow and rarely obstruct the interior design qualities of your building. You could create a game of bingo where finding each of these regulations is a space on your scorecard—you might need to bring a tape measure.

    • Signs are made of materials that do not have glare. They have good contrast so they are easy to read.
    • Signs identifying a room with one door are located on the handle side of the door. For double doors, ADA compliant signs must be placed to the right of the right-handed door.
    • ADA compliant signs located on the wall must be 60” to 48” from the ground.
    • Elevador cars are excluded from the 60” to 48” height restriction. Have you ever seen one place in a creative spot?
    • Any pictograms are contained within a 6” area. Most pictograms are 4” to 4.5”.
    • There must be at least ⅜” of clearance on all sides of Braille to be considered ADA compliant signs.
    • In a stairwell, ADA compliant signs start to get complicated. Stairwell signs need to indicate what level the person is on, if the floor is wheelchair accessible, and the stair designation. Every stairwell sign must notify the reader about roof access and indicate which level the exit is located on.
    • If you are in a building where exits do not have information about where to find the nearest wheelchair accessible exit, you can assume that all exits are wheelchair accessible.

    ADA comliant Signs in small business

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    4 Ideas for Spring Sales

    January 19th, 2018

    Spring is a great time for a sale. Arkansans are doing their spring cleaning and enjoying the fresh weather. Here are a few ideas for your spring sale from the team at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics.
    Don’t let your spring sale go unnoticed. We offer digital printing for businesses in Little Rock. A beautiful graphic for your spring sale deserves premium quality digital printing. See some of our work here:

    1. Use a Holiday.
    Easter, Passover, May Day, Mother’s Day? The Spring season has lots of holidays to choose from. Target your sale around a holiday to create a sense of timeliness. Design your sale graphics with the traditional pastel colors most spring holidays are celebrated with.

    2. Make your Sale all about Spring Cleaning.
    Spring is all about starting fresh. For many, spring encourages a need to get organized and ready for the new season. Do you have inventory that needs to be cleaned out? If your business offers a service, highlight organization and simplicity.

    3. Introduce Something New.
    Spring is a great time to introduce a new product, service, or rollout a new website. If you need to do some rebranding, spring is a great time to do it.
    A promotional starting with something new casts a wide net since you are looking for clients or customers to consider your business for the first time. An outdoor sign is a great medium for this kind of effort. Potential customers are walking by your business every day.

    4. Use the Weather.
    Many positives are associated with spring weather. The dreary winter weather is gone and things start to bloom. Consider adding photography of spring plants to your advertising graphics.
    Need a good promotional plan for spring but not sure where to start? Pinnacle Signs & Graphics can help. We offer creative support and reliable service when you need it. We know that signs can mean the difference between missing a big opportunity and making a great impression.

    using digital printing in the spring

    Related Images:

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    4 Reasons to Work With Pinnacle Signs & Graphics

    January 19th, 2018

    Looking for a sign company to help promote your business in Little Rock? Pinnacle Signs & Graphics offers a wide variety of services and products. We’ll get you set up with the promotional displays your business needs.
    When you are looking at sign companies to work with, there are a few things we know you are looking for. Here are four reasons you should choose to work with our team.

    1. We offer in-house creative support.
    There are so many aspects to getting a promotional display together. Working with a sign company that does it all could be the difference between a disaster and a successful campaign. By having in-house creative support we can easily support last-minute changes and offer insight when needed.

    2. We are familiar with ADA requirements.
    There are some signs businesses need to have. Wayfinding signs and labels around your business will help customers feel comfortable around your place of business. We are familiar with them all. We’ll help you know which ones you need to have and help you place them in the right locations.

    3. Our services are all in one place.
    The team at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics manufactures and installs your signs with quality materials. With our expertise working in-house we are able to offer solutions to business owners with unique needs.
    Should you experience any issues with your sign, our team is fully equipped to help.

    4. We work closely with each of our clients.
    Our goal is to exceed your expectations of what it is like to work with a sign company. We know your business is on a deadline. Our team is known for their timeliness and organization. We are quick to solve problems as they present themselves.
    See what our clients have to say about working with us:

    why you should work with pinnacle signs companies

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    Does Your Small Business Sale Need a Banner?

    December 19th, 2017

    At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we offer quality retractable banners that improve sales for your small business. Here are a few things to consider about your promotional banner before you print.

    Does your small business sale need a banner? According to our calculations *mashes fist on nearby keyboard*, probably. Not all banners are made equal. A banner will make your brand or sale visible to potential customers and—if designed well—leave a lasting impression on future customers and clients.

    Here are a few tips for designing a banner for your small business.

    Make it Memorable.
    What is it about your sale or brand that makes an impression even if all you get is a passing glance? Customers recognize color before anything else. They will also have an easier time reading short, large lettering.

    What can your banner say that will stick out in the minds of readers passing by. Everyone loves a good sale. Discounts and competitive prices aren’t the only way for your brand to win the hearts of passer-bys. Can you incorporate rhymes, humor, or clever quips in your design?

    Make it Simple.
    Of course, if all you have is a passing glance, you have to make the message of your sign short and sweet. Use a font that is easy to read from a distance. Use high contrasting colors to help the letters stand out.

    Include a call to action. The text on your banner should have a simple, central message. If there is more information, give them a direction to learn more.

    Use a creative picture that represents the message of your sale. A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are a great way to make a statement that won’t need a full explanation.

    Think Twice About Where You Place Your Retractable Banner.
    The general rule is this: For every 10 feet add an inch to the height of your letters. There are other ways to determine the best distance for your sign from your viewers. Test a few areas out. See how far you can stand away from your banner and still get the message.

    Where does your sign make sense? Where will interested customers most likely be found?

    Don’t Make the Design Timely.
    Retractable banners are easy to keep in storage. If you are investing in a quality retractable banner from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, you may want to use it more than once.

    Brands grow, but what makes them memorable stays the same. Design your banner around a sale that can be reoccuring.

    Do you need a retractable banner for your business

    Related Images:

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    Benefits of Outdoor Signs for Small Businesses

    December 19th, 2017

    A monument sign is a great way for small business brick and mortar stores to catch the attention of passerbys. Letting your location stand out with outdoor signs will make your location easy to find and attractive to potential customers.

    Looking to install outdoor signs in Little Rock? Pinnacle Signs & Graphics has created recognized monument signs all over Little Rock. Check it out on our portfolio page:

    Here are a few things to consider.

    1. Outdoor Signs are a Wise Investment for Small Business Adverting.
    Signs advertise your business 24/7. A properly designed sign in the right place can make many more impressions than a radio or a newspaper advertisement.

    Your location has everything to do with your impression on the community. A monument sign in front of your business advertises to the local consumers driving or walking by your location every day. It builds trustworthiness and brand recognition with people that matter.

    You never know the opportunities you are missing passing right in front of your building.

    2. Create Consistency and Familiarity with Your Brand Using Outdoor Signs.
    Speaking of branding. Did you know that the first thing consumers see when they see an advertisement is the color? An outdoor sign advertising your business has a moment to make an impression. This is why branding is so important. Make that brief glance count by using colors you consistently use to market your brand.

    Quality outdoor signs will last for a long time, with minimal upkeep. This permanence creates familiarity. For most small businesses, familiarity adds unmatched value to your brand and trust among customers. Familiarity means your business is always sitting in a potential client’s mind. They might not be needing the services your business offers today, but life and business change quickly.

    Something to consider: Most monument signs are made of stone, wood, brick, or other natural materials. They don’t have a lot of color other than the lettering.

    3. Use Outdoor Sings to Make it Easier for Customers to Find Your Location.
    The visibility outdoor signs add to your location is more than just advertising. It is part of the consumers experience. Make it easy for customers who are looking for you to find you with a monument sign.

    A well placed, properly designed outdoor sign is the perfect welcome experience for a customer who is visiting your place of business for the first time.

    At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, our goal is to help you optimize your businesses location with outdoor signs and get your brand recognized. Request an estimate on our home page:

    benefits of an outdoor signs

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    4 Tips for a Successful Promotional Display

    November 13th, 2017

    Working on a promotional display for your business?

    Here are a few things we’ve learned after years of making promotional displays for businesses all over central Arkansas.

    Need help with your display? Contact Pinnacle Signs & Graphics at 501-812-4433. You can also check out our work on our website:

    1. Take messaging inspiration from traffic signs.
    What makes a really successful display? Effective communication.

    Good designs are as readable as traffic signs. They have high contrast between the simple lettering and the solid colored background. They stay away from fancy fonts and unnecessary text.

    Readability is key.

    2. Design your graphic with one focus.
    At a busy trade show you’ll want one large image. Stay away from busy designs. The text on your display should not overlap this image. Your messaging should be easy to understand. It should spark interest with a single glance.

    When you are designing, take where your display will be located into account. Get good lighting—even if that means bringing your own battery-powered lights.

    This kind of graphic is easy to dream about. It’s much harder to make a reality. We highly recommend hiring a designer.

    3. Your display should reflect your brand.
    It should reflect the quality and professionalism your potential clients are looking for. Think through the message you want to display, do some research. The effort you put into making your display effective and polished will pay off.

    Going for a bold or non-traditional promotional display? Make sure it flows with your brand and the product(s) you are offering.

    In other words, don’t be extravagant just to grab attention. Make sure all aspects of your promotional display have a purpose.

    4. Try to incorporate interactive elements.
    A great way to allow your visitors to experience your brand is to make your display interactive. There are many different ways to do this. Again, it should line up with your brand messaging. Here are a few ideas.

    Social media. Social media users love a good reason to post. Have a backdrop and a few props for your visitors to post on their Instagram.

    Tablets. Pinnacle Signs & Graphics is a print business, but we know the value of a good digital experience. A tablet featured in your promotional display can really bring your promotional display to life. Use a tablet to play videos, collect visitors’ information, do demonstrations of your product, and more.

    Giveaways. One of the best things that attracts visitors to your display is a crowd. Social proofing is very powerful, especially at events and trade shows. Host a giveaway at your display. Collect visitors’ information. Draw their attention by creating interest.

    tips for promotional displays

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    Tips for Designing Signage That Every Business Owner Should Know

    November 13th, 2017

    We take great pride in the designs we get to print and help design at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics. Sometimes the simplest aspect of your graphic can make or break the success it brings your business or event.

    Don’t let that intimidate you. We’re here to help. Here are a few tips for sign design every business owner should know.

    Communicate with your designer.
    You don’t need to be a gifted designer to create the perfect sign. You just need to know one.

    Even if you have graphic design experience, it’s a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer. The world of graphics and advertising is constantly changing. It’s a challenge to keep up.

    As a business owner, you have other things to worry about.

    Communicate with your designer from the very beginning of the process. Make sure they understand your vision. A good designer will communicate back to you as they use their knowledge of the graphic design world to help you achieve your goal.

    As you communicate, make sure to familiarize the designer with your brand values. Branding can be recognized on every aspect of a business’s interaction with consumers.

    Keep it simple.
    These days, the consumer attention span is very limited. Your design should be able to leave a message with a single glance.

    The “less is more” mentality is one that every business can put into practice when it comes to signs. Minimalism and white space catches attention in the busy world of advertising.

    If you are including a message in your sign, stick with simple fonts and brief sentences. This makes it easier to read.

    In light of making your sign easy to read, there are many things to consider.
    High contrast. Use solid colors with a high contrast to make your lettering stand out.
    Distance. How far away will your sign be from viewers? Adjust the size of your letters accordingly.
    Lighting. When it comes to visibility, many of our clients struggle with the lighting of their signs—which is why channel lettering is so popular. Where will your sign be located? In the sun? Under a street light? Indoors or outdoors?

    Choose a unique, yet timeless color for your brand.
    Color is very important when it comes to branding. Consumers recognize a brand’s color before messaging. The color you choose to use in branding your business is very significant. It should be the main aspect of your design.

    signage for business

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    The Best Signs for Landscapers

    July 28th, 2017

    Almost any business needs or can benefit from the right type of signage. There are some businesses, though, that can really make a large impact with certain types of signage. And not every type of sign will work for every business. For the most part, certain types of signage will work better for certain businesses. One type of business that would benefit greatly from the right signage is landscapers. Landscaping is tough work. Landscaping companies balance between concept, design and physical work. If you’re in landscaping, you need signs that work just as hard as you do. These signs by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics will do the most for your landscaping business:

    yard signs for landscapers in North Little Rock AR

    Yard Signs

    Yard signs are one of the best signs that a landscaper can employ. These signs are easy to install and remove, so they’re highly versatile and suitable for a number of situations. We’ll make these signs with your name, logo and any images you’d like to display on your signs. We’ll also include your contact information, so people will know exactly how to reach you. These signs are great for landscapers because they can be used on properties your company maintains. You can use them while you do a job and remove them before moving on to the next, or with the owner’s permission leave your signs up all the time. This will clearly show people the work you’re capable of doing. And once you’re finished the job neighbors who are tired of the summer heat and their old lawn mowers will know exactly who to call.

    Vehicle Wraps

    Landscaping businesses do a lot of traveling, often involving trailers to transport equipment. Vehicle wraps can make use of your trucks and trailers to advertise your business. Like the yard signs, we create vehicle graphics that are customized to meet your needs. If you need a full vehicle wrap to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement, we’ll make a wrap that includes your images and the colors and fonts of your existing branding. We’ll include your business name and phone number, as well. If you like the color of your vehicle, we can make partial wraps that use the existing colors of your truck in the design. We don’t just wrap trucks, either. You can wrap your trailer for a totally consistent look.

    Vehicle wraps turn your vehicles and trailers into mobile billboards. That means you’re advertising your business on the road and reaching a much larger market than what you could reach with something more traditional like a billboard. Like the yard signs, your truck parked out front of a job you’re doing shows people what kind of work you do and how people can contact you.

    Vehicle wraps for Landscapers in Jacksonville AR

    Signs for Your Landscaping Business

    If you’re a landscaper and you’re looking for awesome signage, contact out team today to discuss your options today!

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    Benefits of Digitally Printed Banners

    July 26th, 2017

    Printing technology has come a long way. Today, digital printing can produce almost any image in any size. That makes digitally printed banners an awesome advertising tool. These banners can turn your images into full-size advertisements that you can use for events, sales or just general promotions. Digitally printed banners are totally customizable. So, you can get banners that will suit your business and display any message you need them to. Digitally printed banners by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics are great for your business. Here are just a few of the awesome benefits of this versatile type of signage:

    best trade show displays in Little Rock

    Your Images

    One of the best features of digitally printed banners is the fact that we can put whatever images you want on these banners. That means you have the option to add your logo, a picture of your staff, a job you’ve done or any other image you can think of on these signs. You’ll get a unique banner that is sure to help you stand out. We can also match any existing branding you already have. So, you’ll get the perfect colors and fonts for your sign to keep your branding consistent.

    High Visibility

    When it comes to advertising your business, you’ll want your marketing material to be highly visible. Digitally printed banners make for head-turning displays that can be made with high-contrast colors. These colors will ensure that your banner is readable from a distance and even in low light. And because you can decide on the size of your banner, you can opt for a display that is the right size for attracting business. If you want a massive banner for your store or something small for your window, we can custom make your banner to fit your specific needs.

    Sturdy Materials

    We make banners out of a number of materials but the most prevalent banner material is vinyl. Vinyl banners are made to hold up in outdoor environments. Vinyl is great for outdoor displays because it stands up to rain, sun and wind exceptionally well. They can also be used for indoor displays, making them a versatile option. And because vinyl is such a sturdy material, you’ll be able to use these signs for years. You can pack them up and store them until you need to use them again or keep them up all year. Either way, you’ll get plenty of use out of your digitally printed banners for years to come.

    Digitally Printed Banners in Little Rock AR

    Digitally Printed Banners for Your Business

    If you’re interested in digitally printed banners, contact our expert team to discuss your design options!

    Digitally Printed Banners in Little Rock AR

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