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Tips for Designing Signage That Every Business Owner Should Know

signage for business

We take great pride in the designs we get to print and help design at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics. Sometimes the simplest aspect of your graphic can make or break the success it brings your business or event. Don’t let … Continue reading

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Signage Tips for Event Planning

What kind of signs do you need for your event? The branding and graphic design skills that have gone into your event need to be brought to life to achieve their full potential. Good sign planning could be the key … Continue reading

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Signs for Canines

Last Saturday morning, I found a really sweet and very old boxer roaming the neighborhoods nearby my house. After walking him around for a while in search of his home or a neighbor that might recognize him, the obvious solution … Continue reading

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Progressive Eye Center: From Drab to Fab!

We did it again! We took a drab old monument and made it into a highly visible and modern sign that will last for years to come!   We cannot take all of the credit though.  The design work was … Continue reading

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Adding New Life to Old Signs

One of my favorite things to do is to take something old, refresh it and make it beautiful again!  It’s something I’ve done throughout my life, whether it was with my mom’s wedding dress, which I wore for my wedding, … Continue reading

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Sign Bites!

Southern Branding

Sound bites are those miniature statements that are supposed to concisely state a political position and be pithy enough to make the 10 o’clock news. Well, that in a nutshell is what we do! The only difference is that instead … Continue reading

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The Power of Signs: Stripes Recovered

Have you ever seen the sad little signs, scrawled out in cardboard, barely discernible, stapled to a street post, reading “Lost Cat. Gray and white. Call 555-1234”?!  I always sigh and groan a little when I see these signs, knowing … Continue reading

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Signs to Inspire

I’m an active person and recently, I finished my second half marathon.  Yes, I ran 13.1 miles. Yes, I’m that kind of crazy. The race took place in Austin, TX which is a very unique city.  I was amazed at … Continue reading

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Celebrating Our 36th Wedding Anniversary

It’s hard to believe but Mike and I just celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary.  We really don’t seem that old to me and it really does seem like just the other day that with star-glazed eyes we said our vows … Continue reading

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