How to Get a Sign Permit in Little Rock AR

When clients talk to us about adding an exterior sign to their business properties, we take notes to ensure that we can meet their material requirements and visions for the finished products. Sometimes, we need to step in and alert a client that the desired sign may not meet the local zoning rules. Frequently, our customers are surprised to learn that we not only know how to get a sign permit in Little Rock AR but that we handle the process for them!

First Step to Displaying Your Next Exterior Sign: a Consultation

how to get a sign permit in Little Rock ARConsultation is a fancy word for our experts setting up a time to meet with you. Whenever possible, we like to visit your site. Doing so allows us to take measurements, which makes it a lot easier to give you exact size ideas for channel letters, lightbox cabinets, or monument signs. At that time, you tell us your vision for the marker you want, and we help you put materials and colors in place. Because we know what types of signs local officials allow, and which ones they do not, we can tell you well in advance if you may run into trouble with your plans.

Next up: a Site Survey

how to get a sign permit in Little Rock ARThis study involves plenty of measurements, scale sketches, and explanations of nearby landmarks. Zoning officials want to get a good idea of what the proposed sign will look like before you have it installed. Doing so is smart because it protects you from ordering a product that may violate height, width, or mounting rules. (By the way, this is one of the reasons why we strongly caution our clients against buying their signage online – potentially from out-of-town sign printers. These folks do not know what the local rules are and will design a product solely based on your specifications. When it turns out that you may not attach it to the façade as is, you are the one left holding the bag.)

Finally: Filing the Permit Application

how to get a sign permit in Little Rock ARThe local zoning board has put its process for a permit application online. It contains a lot of details. Because it is easy to overlook one or more instructions, which tends to delay the process significantly, we offer to handle the permitting on our clients’ behalves. Pretty much everyone is relieved that they do not have to make six copies of a survey, find the right person to certify them, type up a cover letter, and deliver it within a specified period.

When You Need a Variance

Sometimes, our clients’ plans for a new sign are not in line with the zoning department’s rules. But when visiting the locations, we frequently see their points. We agree that for the product to fulfill its function of providing wayfinding assistance while marketing and branding in the process, it needs to be displayed differently. Maybe it needs to take on a larger size or otherwise present on the property in a way that typically would result in orders for removal. In these circumstances, we help you file a variance that gives zoning officials compelling reasons for allowing you to follow through with your plans.

Now that you know how to get a sign permit in Little Rock AR, and how we can help you with the process, call us with confidence to discuss your next sign purchase.

how to get a sign permit in Little Rock AR

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