4 Tips for a Successful Promotional Display

Working on a promotional display for your business?

Here are a few things we’ve learned after years of making promotional displays for businesses all over central Arkansas.

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1. Take messaging inspiration from traffic signs.
What makes a really successful display? Effective communication.

Good designs are as readable as traffic signs. They have high contrast between the simple lettering and the solid colored background. They stay away from fancy fonts and unnecessary text.

Readability is key.

2. Design your graphic with one focus.
At a busy trade show you’ll want one large image. Stay away from busy designs. The text on your display should not overlap this image. Your messaging should be easy to understand. It should spark interest with a single glance.

When you are designing, take where your display will be located into account. Get good lighting—even if that means bringing your own battery-powered lights.

This kind of graphic is easy to dream about. It’s much harder to make a reality. We highly recommend hiring a designer.

3. Your display should reflect your brand.
It should reflect the quality and professionalism your potential clients are looking for. Think through the message you want to display, do some research. The effort you put into making your display effective and polished will pay off.

Going for a bold or non-traditional promotional display? Make sure it flows with your brand and the product(s) you are offering.

In other words, don’t be extravagant just to grab attention. Make sure all aspects of your promotional display have a purpose.

4. Try to incorporate interactive elements.
A great way to allow your visitors to experience your brand is to make your display interactive. There are many different ways to do this. Again, it should line up with your brand messaging. Here are a few ideas.

Social media. Social media users love a good reason to post. Have a backdrop and a few props for your visitors to post on their Instagram.

Tablets. Pinnacle Signs & Graphics is a print business, but we know the value of a good digital experience. A tablet featured in your promotional display can really bring your promotional display to life. Use a tablet to play videos, collect visitors’ information, do demonstrations of your product, and more.

Giveaways. One of the best things that attracts visitors to your display is a crowd. Social proofing is very powerful, especially at events and trade shows. Host a giveaway at your display. Collect visitors’ information. Draw their attention by creating interest.

tips for promotional displays

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