Tips for Designing Signage That Every Business Owner Should Know

We take great pride in the designs we get to print and help design at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics. Sometimes the simplest aspect of your graphic can make or break the success it brings your business or event.

Don’t let that intimidate you. We’re here to help. Here are a few tips for sign design every business owner should know.

Communicate with your designer.
You don’t need to be a gifted designer to create the perfect sign. You just need to know one.

Even if you have graphic design experience, it’s a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer. The world of graphics and advertising is constantly changing. It’s a challenge to keep up.

As a business owner, you have other things to worry about.

Communicate with your designer from the very beginning of the process. Make sure they understand your vision. A good designer will communicate back to you as they use their knowledge of the graphic design world to help you achieve your goal.

As you communicate, make sure to familiarize the designer with your brand values. Branding can be recognized on every aspect of a business’s interaction with consumers.

Keep it simple.
These days, the consumer attention span is very limited. Your design should be able to leave a message with a single glance.

The “less is more” mentality is one that every business can put into practice when it comes to signs. Minimalism and white space catches attention in the busy world of advertising.

If you are including a message in your sign, stick with simple fonts and brief sentences. This makes it easier to read.

In light of making your sign easy to read, there are many things to consider.
High contrast. Use solid colors with a high contrast to make your lettering stand out.
Distance. How far away will your sign be from viewers? Adjust the size of your letters accordingly.
Lighting. When it comes to visibility, many of our clients struggle with the lighting of their signs—which is why channel lettering is so popular. Where will your sign be located? In the sun? Under a street light? Indoors or outdoors?

Choose a unique, yet timeless color for your brand.
Color is very important when it comes to branding. Consumers recognize a brand’s color before messaging. The color you choose to use in branding your business is very significant. It should be the main aspect of your design.

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