Benefits of Outdoor Signs for Small Businesses

A monument sign is a great way for small business brick and mortar stores to catch the attention of passerbys. Letting your location stand out with outdoor signs will make your location easy to find and attractive to potential customers.

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Here are a few things to consider.

1. Outdoor Signs are a Wise Investment for Small Business Adverting.
Signs advertise your business 24/7. A properly designed sign in the right place can make many more impressions than a radio or a newspaper advertisement.

Your location has everything to do with your impression on the community. A monument sign in front of your business advertises to the local consumers driving or walking by your location every day. It builds trustworthiness and brand recognition with people that matter.

You never know the opportunities you are missing passing right in front of your building.

2. Create Consistency and Familiarity with Your Brand Using Outdoor Signs.
Speaking of branding. Did you know that the first thing consumers see when they see an advertisement is the color? An outdoor sign advertising your business has a moment to make an impression. This is why branding is so important. Make that brief glance count by using colors you consistently use to market your brand.

Quality outdoor signs will last for a long time, with minimal upkeep. This permanence creates familiarity. For most small businesses, familiarity adds unmatched value to your brand and trust among customers. Familiarity means your business is always sitting in a potential client’s mind. They might not be needing the services your business offers today, but life and business change quickly.

Something to consider: Most monument signs are made of stone, wood, brick, or other natural materials. They don’t have a lot of color other than the lettering.

3. Use Outdoor Sings to Make it Easier for Customers to Find Your Location.
The visibility outdoor signs add to your location is more than just advertising. It is part of the consumers experience. Make it easy for customers who are looking for you to find you with a monument sign.

A well placed, properly designed outdoor sign is the perfect welcome experience for a customer who is visiting your place of business for the first time.

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, our goal is to help you optimize your businesses location with outdoor signs and get your brand recognized. Request an estimate on our home page:

benefits of an outdoor signs

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