Does Your Small Business Sale Need a Banner?

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we offer quality retractable banners that improve sales for your small business. Here are a few things to consider about your promotional banner before you print.

Does your small business sale need a banner? According to our calculations *mashes fist on nearby keyboard*, probably. Not all banners are made equal. A banner will make your brand or sale visible to potential customers and—if designed well—leave a lasting impression on future customers and clients.

Here are a few tips for designing a banner for your small business.

Make it Memorable.
What is it about your sale or brand that makes an impression even if all you get is a passing glance? Customers recognize color before anything else. They will also have an easier time reading short, large lettering.

What can your banner say that will stick out in the minds of readers passing by. Everyone loves a good sale. Discounts and competitive prices aren’t the only way for your brand to win the hearts of passer-bys. Can you incorporate rhymes, humor, or clever quips in your design?

Make it Simple.
Of course, if all you have is a passing glance, you have to make the message of your sign short and sweet. Use a font that is easy to read from a distance. Use high contrasting colors to help the letters stand out.

Include a call to action. The text on your banner should have a simple, central message. If there is more information, give them a direction to learn more.

Use a creative picture that represents the message of your sale. A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are a great way to make a statement that won’t need a full explanation.

Think Twice About Where You Place Your Retractable Banner.
The general rule is this: For every 10 feet add an inch to the height of your letters. There are other ways to determine the best distance for your sign from your viewers. Test a few areas out. See how far you can stand away from your banner and still get the message.

Where does your sign make sense? Where will interested customers most likely be found?

Don’t Make the Design Timely.
Retractable banners are easy to keep in storage. If you are investing in a quality retractable banner from Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, you may want to use it more than once.

Brands grow, but what makes them memorable stays the same. Design your banner around a sale that can be reoccuring.

Do you need a retractable banner for your business

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