ADA Sign Bingo Every Small Business Should Win

Nothing says “we would be a great business partner” like making sure your place of business is accommodating to all types of disabilities. Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant signs are a necessity for every place of business. Where are ADA compliant signs required? Do regulations for these signs restrict creativity?

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we create ADA compliant signs and graphics for businesses all over central Arkansas. We’ll help you understand which signs are needed for your business. We can also help you design them so they match the rest of your building. Click here to learn more. 

ADA compliant signs can be used to identify a room, space, or area. Any permanent room, space, or area on your building must be identified with an ADA compliant sign. Important information about these rooms must also be included in these signs. For example; an electrical room needs to be labeled as such for safety reasons. These signs can let visitors know if the exit or room is accessible to wheelchairs and more.

These rules are easy to follow and rarely obstruct the interior design qualities of your building. You could create a game of bingo where finding each of these regulations is a space on your scorecard—you might need to bring a tape measure.

  • Signs are made of materials that do not have glare. They have good contrast so they are easy to read.
  • Signs identifying a room with one door are located on the handle side of the door. For double doors, ADA compliant signs must be placed to the right of the right-handed door.
  • ADA compliant signs located on the wall must be 60” to 48” from the ground.
  • Elevador cars are excluded from the 60” to 48” height restriction. Have you ever seen one place in a creative spot?
  • Any pictograms are contained within a 6” area. Most pictograms are 4” to 4.5”.
  • There must be at least ⅜” of clearance on all sides of Braille to be considered ADA compliant signs.
  • In a stairwell, ADA compliant signs start to get complicated. Stairwell signs need to indicate what level the person is on, if the floor is wheelchair accessible, and the stair designation. Every stairwell sign must notify the reader about roof access and indicate which level the exit is located on.
  • If you are in a building where exits do not have information about where to find the nearest wheelchair accessible exit, you can assume that all exits are wheelchair accessible.

ADA comliant Signs in small business

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