4 Tips For Making Your Promotional Materials Stand Out

Promotional materials are important for any kind of business. Whether you are promoting your business in a business to business format or a business to consumer format, your promotional materials need to make an impression. Here are a few things we’ve learned from helping clients put together promotional materials.

1. Promotional materials attract attention with creativity, not flashy displays.

Challenge your marketing team—even if you are a small business and the “marketing team” is just you—to stay away from traditional, overused design elements. It’s important that your message be easy to understand. Beyond that, you have a lot of creative freedom.

Is there anyway you can think to go beyond normal promotional materials and banners? Perhaps the venue you will be at has something unique to offer. See if they will work with you. It never hurts to ask.

2. Don’t lose any of your brand’s authenticity.

A good promotional display stands out, it doesn’t have to lose any of the authenticity you’ve built into your brand and product. Make sure passersby know why what you are offering is valuable to them. You want to make an impression that will be the start of a business relationship.

What makes you excited to talk about your product or business? Start there. Remember, the goal is to talk to real people. Use a design that will help start a conversation, not just stand out. Stay away from anything that feels too formal for your brand. If you are bored, the people passing by during the trade show will be too.

3. Leave a lasting impression.

This tip is much easier said than done. You’ve created a design that lets your audience know what you have to offer and why your business or product is valuable. After the trade show is over and everyone’s promotional material has been dismantled, attendees have a chance to go over what they’ve learned and make decisions.

How do you leave a lasting impression? It depends on your area of business, your industry, your product, and your brand. Perhaps you can have your promotional displays ask a question for the audience to consider.

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we help our clients brainstorm ways to leave a lasting impression with their promotional materials. We do our design in-house.

4. Use modern technology as part of your display.

Having the right technology might be the key to making your promotional display a success. This might mean including QR codes on your materials or having a digital presentation with videos, informational graphics, and more.

If any part of your promotional display is electronically powered, make sure you have a backup power source. Not all venues have convenient power sources.

Have an event coming up? Get social with us at our Facebook page, and we can let you know how we can help. 

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