Using Brand Personality To Attract Customers

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we’ve seen display advertisements perform well simply because they are relatable. What makes a brand relatable? A brand personality. It is natural for your customers or clients to want to put your product or service into a category, like they would an individual they met at a networking event. It will help them remember you later on. Whether it’s on vehicle wraps or retractable banner stands, the copy you use to advertise will do best if it has personality.

Here are a few more thoughts on the topic.

What is your Brand Personality (Do you need door signs, retractable banner stands, wayfinding signs)?

For some brands, it is obvious. An outdoor equipment store will inspire adventure, ruggedness, and also the intelligence of being prepared and well-informed on the outdoor sport in question.

It’s important to remember that your brand’s personality is not the personality of the owner or the employees—although that can be taken into consideration. Consider, if your brand was a person, what would be your first impression. A customer that has just met your brand will only notice the surface personality traits. These traits are portrayed in the graphics and visual elements of your business, such as using retractable banner stands. 

Once a customer or client has worked with your business they will become more familiar with the kind of service they can expect to receive when they are working with your team. They will notice your team’s level of honesty, problem-solving skills, reliability, manners, and more. Whichever applies to the kind of business you conduct and your business values.

What do others say about your Business?

A good place to start viewing your brand with a personality is by considering what others say about your business. The look and feel of your product or service has a great impact on how the customer or client interacts with your brand.

Ask around, look for keywords and write them down. See if you notice any of these keywords fitting together or being repeated.

  • “I really like the simplicity of working with [brand]”
  • “[Industry aspect] seemed really overwhelming until I started working with [brand]”

Tips for Finding your Brand’s Personality.

  1. Start your brainstorm by limiting yourself to a handful of words that go with your brand’s personality.
  2. Consider what makes your brand different from your competitors. Get as specific as you can. How does this difference translate as a personality trait. See it, use it, grab retractable banner stands and stick it on there.
  3. Don’t force your brand to be something. Look at the quality of your product or service and everything you have accomplished as a business owner. Your brand’s personality has been around all this time, you just haven’t defined it for marketing purposes.
  4. Let it change as your business changes.

Still thinking about ways you can find your brand personality? Maybe you want to know more about retractable banner stands. Maybe you just want to say hi or see some of our work! You can do all of that here on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to get social with you. 

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