3 Reasons Why ADA Compliant Signs Are Important

What does it take for a sign do be compliant with the ADA? It’s actually rather simple.
The team of designers at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics will help you understand what signs you need and even show you how much creative freedom you have with your ADA compliant signs.


1. They make ALL guests feel at ease.

Make your guests feel welcome with easy-to-understand wayfinding signs and ADA compliant signs. Wandering around your place of business is not a good experience for your potential clients or guests.
ADA signs help anyone unfamiliar with your building to navigate around. They will help anyone find an exit, locate the restrooms, make sure you are going into the right meeting room, and more.

ADA compliant signs


2. They give you a place to display your brand, subtly — or boldly, throughout your place of business.

ADA signs don’t have to be an eyesore. Once you know the rules you have to work with, designing ADA compliant signs can be a fun, creative project.
You can integrate colors and themes from your branding into your ADA signs so that your branding is consistent throughout your building. This is essential for visitors experiencing your brand. They recognize colors before words and pictures.
You can even create ADA signs with unique materials. If your business deals with construction, your ADA signs can feature fixtures and materials from your specialty. Get creative with each different kind of sign to make them easier to follow.
ADA signs have lots of room for creativity. Just make sure they have high-contrast lettering so they are easy to read and are placed in the correct places around your business.


3. ADA compliant signs show that your business values and considers the needs of all your clients.

ADA compliant signage is required for a reason. Clients with disabilities would not be able to interact with your business if your building was not ADA compliant. Your consideration is a small effort to help make the world a better place for everyone.
ADA signs take safety into consideration. Whether we realize it or not, fire escape signs and tornado emergency maps make us feel safe. It is unlikely your clients are wandering around your business, waiting for a disaster to happen. But knowing that you have plans for the safety of your guests and employees should a disaster happen, no matter how unlikely, makes your business look good.

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