Outdoor Signs That Will Survive The Weather

Signs sit out in the heat, rain, and snow. They advertise your business in any weather so you can stay safely, comfortably indoors. Outdoor signs in Arkansas have to be ready for severe storms and — of course — heat and humidity.
Here are a few of our choice outdoor signs and how they survive the elements.


Vehicle Wraps

The 3M vehicle wraps we use at Pinnacle Signs & Graphics can withstand harsh road and weather conditions. While they aren’t meant for protection, they will withstand the elements as well as a new coat of paint finish. This includes a UV coating to protect your vehicle from the harsh Arkansas sun.
A properly installed vehicle wrap can only be removed by a professional, using a special procedure to detach the adhesive keeping the vinyl wrap on your vehicle.


Aluminum Signs

The modern aluminum materials we use to make signs are durable and lightweight. They might feel lightweight to touch and carry, but they are built to withstand the elements. We always use quality aluminum. Especially when we design and build signs we know will be outdoors.
Quality materials could be the difference between an effective, attractive sign sitting outside your business, and a sign that looks like it has been sitting outside for years when it has only been installed for a few weeks.
Quality counts when signs face extreme weather. This includes other materials used to secure outdoor signs.
outdoor signs


Storefront Signs

Most storefront signs have the luxury of being under an awning or an overhead shelter. These overhead shelters are common because they protect customers from the rain or hot sun as they enter your place of business.
If your storefront sign is installed above this shelter, or on a different side of the building, there is no need to install an additional shelter. Storefront signs can be designed and properly installed to handle the weather without the overhead protection.


Digital Signs

An LED sign in the sun needs at least 2,000 nits of brightness to be properly seen by potential customers. Out-shining direct sunlight is not easy. Usually, an outdoor LED sign shines with 5,000 nits.
You will need to assess the power capacity for your sign before it is installed. When it is installed, the equipment used is not regular wire and bulb. It is specifically designed for safe, outdoor use.

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