What a striking outdoor sign can do for your business!

A striking outdoor sign can be helpful in many ways as your business is not only about your products and services, it’s a whole experience in itself. And the quality of experience dictates whether your clients would want to buy from you again or not. Your business can be advertised in many ways but outdoor signage is one of the best ways to stop your potential clients dead in their tracks.  

Here are some key ways outdoor signs can help catapult your business to great heights of success.


  • Continuous Marketing via Outdoor Signs


Outdoor signs can be a source of advertisement for your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As long as your sign stays where you put it, people will read it every time they pass by. Imagine people are stuck in traffic, going to their offices or workplace, or waiting for a bus at the bus stop, and they see your sign while waiting. If the sign is created and designed strategically by a team of professionals, it will pique their interest and they may reach out to you. That is how these outdoor signs are a source of continuous marketing for you.


  • Word of Mouth Marketing


Let’s paint a picture here. The person who was waiting at the bus stop saw your outdoor sign and found it interesting. Later in the day, that person finds someone struggling with the same problem that your product solves. What will happen? Yeah! You guessed it. That person will recommend YOUR product as a solution. Now that is how outdoor signs help create word of mouth marketing and referrals.  


  • Recognition of the Brand Due to Outdoor Signs


In order for a brand to succeed, it needs recognition for its existence in the first place. Therefore, outdoor signs can prove to be crucial for a brand’s presence and success. They are designed keeping in mind the short attention span of people. Thus, they are attractive, super relatable and attention-grabbing. Large to small businesses have been using outdoor signs for years as a tool to create awareness, establish authority and build a loyal following. For example, whenever you see a big yellow ‘M’, the first thing that comes to your mind is McDonalds. That’s how you do it right.

Outdoor Signs


  • Placement of Outdoor Signs


Placement plays a very important role in the functionality of outdoor signs. The most common practice that is taken into account by the businesses is that they place their first outdoor sign mostly 5 meters away from their original location and then every other outdoor sign is 15 meters away from each other. This is done to create rock-solid recognition of your brand in people’s minds; if they are seeing your ad every few meters, they won’t be able to forget about your product and will definitely want to know more. This also helps you become their TOP choice as long as your signs are good enough.

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