Here’s Why Printed Promotional Material is Better than Email

For any business, strategizing a marketing mix can be an interesting stint. A business owner or a marketer is never sure of what promotional plan will definitely work on their potential customers. Most people believe that the printed promotional method is fading and being taken over by email. However, the followings print pros will make you believe otherwise:

  • Direct Communication:

Customers value direct connection with their desired brands and businesses, which can mainly happen through direct communication. Emails in this regard can be off-putting for the customers because they are hardly customized according to their respective customers. However, when an enveloped printed brochure arrives at your office desk or at your home with your name inscribed on top, you will immediately feel connected and valued at the same time.


  • The Content is Authentic:

You log into your email to find out that you have received ninety-nine emails today. However, you are dismayed to learn all these emails have landed in the ‘spam’ or come under ‘junk’ category. These high numbers of various different businesses discourage you to open those emails, let alone skim through them. Also, these emails are mostly forwarded which leads you to doubt the content authenticity. You start to question its credibility unlike the case with print media which is traceable.


  • It’s Catchy and Exciting:

Emails lack design effort and beauty that otherwise print media would contain. That effort and catchy format which printed promotional materials come in are attention grabbing for its consumers. Where emails are verbose and dry, printed promotional materials are on point and compel the customers to give their message a read.


  • Amplifies Business Profits:

The operating marketing cost that comes with sending emails is comparatively cheaper than direct mail. Nonetheless, what matters is the impact that those costs initiate. As customers feel that direct mail is more formal, they take the message seriously as compared to emails.

Hence these efforts lead to fruition once the customer responds to the direct mail say by filling out a product service survey form and posting it back to the said business. The return on investment is higher which amplifies business profits eventually.


  • It’s a Healthier Option:

In order to access an email, you need to use a digital device, ranging from an iPad, mobile to laptops. Which implies you will have to sit before a screen which is placed mostly quite close to your eyes and that can be devastating to your health without you noticing it. On the contrary, print promotional materials reach you without you having to sit before a screen that damages your eyesight and can be a cause of your constant headache too. It lets you disconnect from the digital world which is a healthier option.

So, you should build a promotional plan that suits your target consumers and is a balanced mix of both email and print medium to maximize business profits.

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