Channel Letter Signs Made to Suit You

One of the first rules of signage is making sure that your sign is as visible as you can make it. This means finding the right combination of height, size, colors and light to fit your sign and your audience. You don’t want to invest in signage that won’t be seen by anyone. That’s a waste of your money. If you have the right kind of space, channel letter signs can be one of the most visible options. Channel letters can be mounted just about anywhere, but they usually go on your building, giving them height. You can use colors that will match your existing branding and will grab attention. With a channel letter sign by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, you won’t even have to worry about coding or lease violations.

Channel Letter Signs in North Little Rock AR

High Visibility

When it comes to visibility, height, size and illumination are important factors. Channel letter signs combine these aspects of your signs to create a display that’s highly visible even at a distance. Channel letters are usually mounted to your building. This gives them a great height to be seen at a distance. Channel letter signs can also be made in different sizes depending on the space you have to work with. The bigger the letters the more visible they’ll be. Lastly, illumination is key. The brighter your sign, the better people will be able to read it. Channel letters give you a number of options for illuminating your sign. You can opt for back-lit or front-lit channel letters, or letters where the lighting fixture is visible.

Match Your Branding

We can make channel letter signs that match your existing branding to a tee. We’ll make your channel letters to match the colors of your brand and the fonts of your existing marketing material. A uniform brand is essential to building your business, so keeping your sign consistent with your other material is your best option.

Fit Your Code

Aside from the branding, we’ll also make signs that work for your location. Depending on the city you’re located in or the stipulations of your lease, your sign needs to meet certain standards. You may not be allowed to have certain types or sizes of signs on your building. So, we’ll make sure that your signs fit the codes, laws and regulation that you need to follow.

channel letter signs in Jacksonville AR

Channel Letter Signs for You

If you’re interested in channel letter signs for your business, contact our expert team today to discuss your options.

channel letter signs in Little Rock AR

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