Wellons Land & Timber Boosts Brand with Tractor Graphics in Little Rock

Located at 7501 Highway 300, Wellons Land & Timber develops land with an eye on agricultural needs, timber harvesting, and recreational opportunities. Clients contact the company for assistance with real estate service needs as well as land development tasks. When the business decided to add a new dimension to its mobile marketing, its management team contacted the pros at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics.

Extraordinary Equipment Graphics in Little Rock AR

tractor graphics in Little Rock AROur visual artists are well versed in the design of graphics and wraps for a broad range of vehicles. When we say that we can wrap anything that moves, we are not kidding. But this project was a first. When consulting with the client, the team requested a vehicle wrap for a tractor used on job sites. This conveyance is the type of equipment that you might use when clearing uneven terrain. Unlike work trucks, there are now flowing lines. Rather, this is a workhorse. Could we handle it? You bet!

We started with the logo; from there, we designed the vehicle wrap to conform perfectly to the tractor’s shape. Maintaining a yellow background color for safety’s sake was important. We used the company’s colors to feature the business’ name, logo, a brief niche explanation, and a website address. To ensure maximum visibility, we printed two panels – one for each side of the tractor. Now, whenever the business uses the tractor, it brands and advertises the company.

Why Wrapping Unusual Vehicles Makes Sense

When you show off your advertising message in an unexpected manner, you succeed in wowing the consumer and capitalizing on the moment of surprise. For example, the mobile notary who travels to appointments on a motorcycle with a sidecar will turn heads with a skillfully applied wrap.

  • Memorable display. Your vehicle graphics or wrap product stands out simply because it is different. Business owners are just now slowly catching on to the idea of treating vehicles other than cars, trucks, or vans.
  • New presentation opportunities. The tractor our client uses works in settings where many cars cannot easily drive. Even so, there are prospective customers at these locations whom this advertising message could address and influence. Wrap a golf cart, and you have access to parks and similar settings where other vehicles are not allowed to drive.
  • Part of a comprehensive mobile marketing approach. When you have already invested in other vehicle treatments, it makes sense to add your work equipment to the mix.

Discussing Your Wrap with the Experts

Whether you need standard car or more unusual tractor graphics in Little Rock AR, our signage specialists can help. We welcome the opportunity to take measurements and work up sketches that include your logo, company’s name, and any artwork that you already have on file. If you need a design put together from scratch, we can help you with that, too. For the fleet manager who wants to wrap multiple standard vehicles alongside construction equipment or other more unusual conveyances, we can assist you with that as well. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

tractor graphics in Little Rock AR

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