What Type Of Sign Should You Use for Promotional Displays?

Looking to set up the most effective promotional displays for your business?

Uh, boy. Where do we start? The materials we have access to for signage is seemingly endless. We love creating unique signs for businesses looking to make an impression. We can make large signs, use unusual materials, and think outside the box for a client who has difficulty being seen.

Here are a few things you can consider, as a business owner, before you start planning your promotional displays.

What Showcases your Branding?

When you are setting up promotional displays it is important to remember how you want to represent your business. A large sign might be noticeable, but it won’t do your business any good if it doesn’t convey the right message.

An animated sign would showcase your innovation. A wooden or metal sign could show off your craftsmanship. Do you advertise with vehicle graphics? Having a wrapped vehicle at your promotional display will help with brand recognition.

How does your Competition usually do their Promotional Displays?

While channel lettering and custom light boxes are usually meant for permanent locations like your storefront, perhaps an illuminated sign will help you stand out from your competition featured at the same event. Use lighting to highlight how your business stands out against the competition.

Look carefully over any rules and restrictions for the event. If you are concerned about whether your promotional display is within the rules of the event, call ahead.

What kind of Promotional Displays do you Need?

At Pinnacle Signs & Graphics we help customers in Central Arkansas find the perfect sign for their business. We do custom work for your storefront or for your promotional displays.

Check out our work here: https://pinnacle-signs.com/portfolio/

We know how to think outside the box and often find ourselves going above and beyond the regular to get our clients what they need. You have the vision. We have the know-how to make it real.promotional displays questions

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