Is it Time to Update your Company Logo?

Looking for sign companies in central Arkansas that can help you design a new logo for your business? Check out our work:

Sign companies know your logo is the cornerstone for all the design elements that surround your business and its brand. Logo ideas aren’t easy to come by.

  • They must be unique to your brand,
  • They must fit a criteria for marketing mediums,
  • They must be memorable/recognizable and,
  • They must also stand out from competitors.

The suggestion to update a company’s long-standing logo is often tough to get through. Here are a few signs it is time to think of a new company logo.

1. Your Logo Doesn’t Work as a Social Media Icon.

Your logo should be able to adapt to the various internet mediums it needs to be featured in. A good logo can be adapted to fit vertical and horizontal spaces. It also needs to have a shape that can be recognized when words are not visible. Good sign companies can help with making sure it goes will on social media. Speaking of that, have you seen our social media yet? Swing by our Facebook page here and see what we’ve been up to, and examples of our work. 

2. Your Logo Looks Dated (Good Indicator to Seek New Sign Companies).

It is one thing to look classic and established. However, there is no logo that can stand the test of time. An outdated logo will lead potential customers or clients to make snap judgements about your business. If your logo hasn’t been updated, what else isn’t updated?

You can—and should—keep the recognition your business has spent years building visible in your logo. There are many ways to do that without looking dated.

3. Your Logo No Longer Represents your Brand Accurately.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good logo represents a brands identity as well as where your brand is aiming for in the future. Maybe you started this business from scratch and just used a convenient logo. Now you are more established and think it is time to refine your branding.

Your logo should change as your brand changes.

Our best advice as a sign company? Always trust your instincts when it comes to visual graphics representing your brand. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to know when a logo does not represent your brand well. If you get that nagging feeling towards change every time you see your logo, it is time for a change and to head towards the direction of sign companies.

4. Your Logo Could Serve your Brand Better with New Trends.

Since no logo stands the test of time, logo design trends are always changing. Right now, logos tend to be bold, yet simple. They need to have a flat design so they can be recognized against a transparent background, or from a distance.

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