How To Make Business Cards Stand Out

Pinnacle Signs & Graphics makes business signs for businesses in central Arkansas (see a few examples of our work here). We also help with personalized business cards. Our team can help you create a business card that will stand out, without overdoing it.

Here is a 55 x 85mm piece of paper summarizing my value in the professional world.

Don’t panic. Here are a few tips to help you get started designing your business card.


1. Use basic design rules.

If you are not a designer, you may need some help here. There are rules that help designers avoid common mistakes—mistakes that were made by designers before them. Here are a few for business cards.

  • Know how much space to leave for ink bleeding. Each printer is different but the most common length is 3mm.  
  • Don’t use a border. If you have a border, a printing error—very common—is more evident and your cards will look crooked.
  • None of your text should be smaller than 8pt. It will be too difficult to read.


2. Narrow down key information.

You don’t have a lot of room on your business card. Only include key methods of communication and a general sense of your company.

  • At the very least, include your name, website, email address, and phone number.
  • If you have room, find a way to work in your best qualities.
  • If you get stuck, consider the who, what, where, and why of your business.


3. Quality is very important.

  • The paper you print your business cards on needs to be a certain weight. We don’t recommend paper thickness that is less than 300 grams.
  • If you are not a professional designer, hire a professional designer to help you design your business. The quality of the design could mean the difference between a second meeting and your business card ending up in the trash.


4. Get creative—but not too creative.

There are many different techniques you can use to add a touch of creativity to your business card.

  • Is being memorable better than being ultra professional? Where is a good balance of boldness and professionalism?
  • Think outside the box. Paper is often thrown away, so consider a way to make your card something that is more than paper. Just make sure the card is still convenient and portable.
  • Don’t underestimate simplicity. Remember Mirage’s business card in the movie The Incredibles?
  • Consider photos. If you are stuck not having enough room to properly explain your business, try using an image. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


5. Use the back of the card too.

Many people don’t take advantage of the extra space on the back of a business card.

  • Don’t put any important information on the back of your business card.
  • If you choose to put anything on the back of your business card, make it supplemental to the front. Avoid anything that looks like an advertisement.
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