4 Reasons Why Your Business Signs May Be Driving Customers Away

Your business is constantly communicating with customers – through your signs! Getting the right message across is crucial to your business’s success. In fact, studies have shown that more than 75% of customers reported entering a business they had never visited before because they were drawn in by signage. Conversely, 60% of customers report avoiding businesses because of bad, unclear, or illegible signage. Two thirds of those same customers said that business signage is an excellent representation of the quality of your business’s products and services. All these numbers add up to a glaring fact – your business signs can either drive customers away or draw customers in. Here are four reasons why your business signs may be driving customers away!

Customers Can’t Read Your Signs

There are tons of reasons a customer might not be able to read your signs. Maybe exterior signs are dirty, evidencing a lack of care and presenting an unsightly first impression for your business. Your signs might need to be lit or otherwise illuminated so you’re not missing out on exposure during low-light or dark hours. Your signs might need a design update to simplify and streamline your messaging or get the font right. If, for any reason, customers can’t read your signs – due to one of these problems or legibility of your type and font decisions – they may be confused about what your business does or why they should visit.

You’re Using Too Many Signs or Your Signs Are Too Busy

Customers might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of signs or the busy look of your existing signage, they might not give your exterior signs a second look and might feel like the walls are closing up on them inside your business! Your signage should follow an overall strategy and match the branding of your business. From outside your place of business to the inside, signage should simplify your customer’s experience and present useful information that’s easy to understand. Consider which signs can be consolidated or eliminated, remembering that signage should make it simple and easy to get your customers in front of a business associate to start building and nurturing a relationship with your team.

Your Signs Are…Well, Ugly

As mentioned above, well over half of customers surveyed said they chose not to visit a business because of their signage. If your signs are poorly designed, off-brand, or feature color palettes that are unappealing, you might be suffering from Ugly Sign Syndrome. Your signs tell a story about your business – make sure they’re professionally designed and looking their best at all times. Unattractive signs certainly won’t attract business. Get an opinion from a professional designer on whether your signs and graphics need a makeover!

Your Signs Present Exclusively Negative Messaging

Even if your signage is attractive and on-brand, you might be unintentionally presenting subconscious messages that reinforce a negative opinion or experience. Your business’s goal is to find a way to yes with every customer. But if you’re greeting them with signs that say “NO PARKING,” “DO NOT ENTER,” and/or “NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS,” you’re starting their experience with a resounding NO! Replace that language with “Reserved Parking,” “Staff Entrance,” and/or “Restrooms Reserved for Customers”. Note that the suggested language avoids all-capital structures – all-caps signs are actually harder to read and present an unfriendly subconscious tone. 

Signs That Work from Pinnacle Signs and Graphics

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we sell visibility! Our design professionals and sign technicians can audit your current signage, suggest improvements, and help you replace signs that are driving customers away with signs that will draw customers in. We can help you with lighted exterior business signage, directional and informational signage, interior graphics, and so much more to help guide your customers through an excellent experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business attract more customers with signs that get the job done!