4 Reasons Why Your Business Signs Are Outdated

Business signage is more than the big lighted sign on the front of your building or up on a pole by the street. When it comes to attracting customer attention and converting passersby to shoppers or shoppers to buyers, your business signage plays a big role. But a disinterested shopper or someone whose attention you failed to get simply won’t come into your business. So if your signs are outdated, damaged, or even just lackluster, you could be missing sales and not even know it. But how do you know if your business signs are outdated and hurting your sales? Here are four reasons why your business signs are outdated – and what to do about it!

1. Your Business Signs Are Off-Brand

We don’t mean your business signs are knock-offs of other popular businesses – although that’s its own problem! If you have changed your logo, taglines, brand promises, or other key business messaging, your signs need to change, too. Business signs with old logos or color schemes interrupt your business’s branding and can be jarring and confusing to your customers. When you change key elements of your business’s branding, it’s time to update all of your business signs. Be thorough! Make sure you know where all of your business signs are and what it’s going to take to update them. If you’ve changed your business’s branding in the past three to five years, do an audit of all of your business signs to make sure they’re on brand.

2. Your Business Signs Blend In With Their Surroundings

An old design trend and pseudo-psychology hack told business owners to blend their messaging with their business’s environment. That old trick has run its course, but you may still have signs that blend into the background of your business or its surroundings. Business signs should stand out – that’s the point – and grab customers’ attention. Sticking out doesn’t make your signs a sore thumb – you can still design on-brand, attractive signage that brings customers in and informs them, preparing them for a sale. 

3. Your Signs Are Unintentionally Retro

Intentional retro design might be on-trend, but those authentically retro signs might need to be taken out back. If your retro signs are on brand, in good shape, and attractive, design a branding campaign around them. But if they’re painfully out of touch with modern society, they might be putting out messages you don’t want associated with your business or making your business look way out of date. Let’s face it – most retro advertising simply won’t land well with contemporary audiences. Make sure your business signs are modern (or at least trendy). 

4. Your Signs Have Old or Bad Information on Them

If your sale sign looks like a Tic-Tac-Toe board with old prices or discounts marked through and replaced, you’re cluttering and confusing the message. If it’s summer and your Spring Sale board is still out, you’re lining up head-scratchers. Your business signs should be crisp, clear, and current. Create seasonal signs or reusable templates, sure – just make sure you’re changing them out for appropriate advertising and clear communication.

Design a Sign Strategy with Help from the Pros

Protecting your business from outdated signage doesn’t have to be a full-time worry. Create a brand and signage strategy that continues to delight your customers. Update the look of your business regularly with seasonal messaging, get the word out about your next big sale, and delight and inform your customers to keep them coming back to the trusted source for your products and services. Creating this signage – with an intentional strategy – and maintaining a promotion calendar will keep your business up-to-date and performing year in and year out.

If it’s time to update your business signs or even your business’s branding, look no further than Pinnacle Signs and Graphics! Our professional design team will help you create business signs and graphics that match your business’s brandings and keep you ahead of sales design trends. Call us today for a free consultation and quote!