4 Sign Maintenance Considerations

You invest a lot of time, effort, and money into your business’s outdoor signs. That’s because your company’s signage is a direct reflection of your brand. It’s literally the first thing that most of your customers see when they pass your store or office building. A great sign is a chance to make a great first impression!

Unfortunately, that swings both ways. If your sign is dirty, broken, or badly maintained, it can give the impression that you don’t take pride in your business, or that the business is suffering and can’t afford to keep up appearances. Either way, we’re pretty sure that’s not the image you want to project. And since your outdoor signage is constantly exposed to the elements, smog from vehicle traffic, and annoying “gifts” from passing birds, sign maintenance can be a constant struggle! 

Luckily, we have plenty of tips and tricks for keeping your outdoor signage looking like new! Check out our favorites from the sign professionals.

1. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

This will be a short section, but a very important one. It’s crucial to note that cleaning up a week’s worth of grime is much easier than cleaning up several months of neglect. So clean early and often and take as many preventative steps as you can to keep your signs looking good! 

And remember, when you catch minor damage quickly, you can keep it from turning into major – and costly! – repairs down the road! Good signage isn’t cheap, so protect your investment by making sign maintenance a regular part of your property maintenance routine. 

2. Position Sprinkler Heads Away From Signage

Water is very erosive, and having hard jets of water spray against the same spots on your sign over and over can lead to uneven fading and discoloration. And most city water that pumps through the sprinklers has chemicals like chlorine and minerals in it, which can leave hard water spots and eventually permanently damage your signage. Water can also cause metal to corrode and rust, so the less water your metal sign comes into contact with the better.  

To keep your signs safe from the wrath of the sprinklers, just point the heads away, or make sure your signage is placed out of the reach of your sprinklers.

3. Trim Back Trees Nearby

Trees hanging over your signage can present a double problem:

Firstly, water dripping off of tree branches can fall on your sign and cause all the water damage that we mentioned above. And if the water is dripping in the same spot for months at a time, you can end up with spots of worn paint or finish that’s been eroded away, leaving your sign vulnerable to corrosion and water damage. It also leaves behind residue from the tree sap and leaves water spots, which can be unsightly and make the sign difficult to read. 

Secondly, hanging branches can pose a physical threat to your sign. Should a wind or ice storm snap a branch and it was to drop on your sign, the damage could be severe. Trimming back the trees will cut back on your cleaning time and reduce the likelihood of your sign meeting an untimely end. 

4. Mulch Around Your Sign

Mulching around your sign serves several purposes. It is very visually neat and appealing which can show your sign off to advantage. It also keeps grass and weeds down around your sign which prevents it from becoming unnecessarily damp or scratched. And, most importantly, it keeps your landscapers and maintenance staff from mowing or weed-eating too close to the signs. High powered tools like mowers, weedeaters, and leaf blowers can throw rocks or graze your sign, both of which could lead to scratches or other damage. 

If you have questions about how to maintain your business’s signage, just contact Pinnacle Signs and Graphics! We’re happy to help and provide you with a free quote on high-quality signage for your business.