5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Sign

As a business owner, you’re probably well aware by now that having great signage is incredibly important– to attract people to your business, help existing customers find their way to you, and to create and establish brand recognition within your community.

However, once you’ve made the investment into a quality sign for your business, you’ll need to put a little effort into maintaining it– just like you do for any other part of the business!

Why do I need to maintain my sign?

Many outdoor signs are made out of material that’s extremely durable and able to withstand the elements for at least a few years. A quality sign shouldn’t need significant maintenance immediately.

However, you should still make it a point to regularly check out your sign to see if anything’s not looking right.

It’s important to keep your sign well-maintained because your sign represents your business. If you have a new, clean, well-lit sign outside your business, it just makes you look good– especially compared to an old, dingy sign with missing letters or burnt-out lights.

What can I do to maintain my outdoor signs?

Regularly update software for Electronic Message Center signs


If you have an Electronic Message Center sign for your business, otherwise known as an EMC, you’ll definitely want to stay up-to-date on the latest software. This can help you avoid any interruptions in the messages you display for the community, as well as any potential security issues or glitches.

Repair or replace hardware

Depending on what kind of sign you have for your business, the hardware for your sign might include brackets, screws, standoffs, or other types of mounting materials.

Perform a quick check of these mounting materials every few weeks, just to make sure nothing’s coming loose or becoming rusty.

You can also prevent these issues by making sure that rust-proof metals are used for all of the sign’s hardware– this will prevent future issues when the outdoor sign is inevitably exposed to moisture.

Keep it clean

A good sign is clean and well-kept in appearance. Unfortunately, a sign that’s located outdoors is prone to mud, streaks and buildup from rain or snow, bird droppings, etc.

You can address this problem by taking a damp cloth and some mild soap to scrub down your sign and keep it looking its best. Make sure to do this at least a few times a year.

Look closely

If you see your sign every single day, chances are good that after a while, you stop really looking at it. However, a customer who’s visiting your business for the first time will see the sign for what it is– and if that sign is dirty, cracked, or otherwise in need of maintenance, it’ll negatively impact their impression of your business.

Take a good look at the sign and check for any cracks, burnt-out lights, etc.

Particularly for signs that contain lighting elements, cracks can become a major problem, exposing electrical wiring to moisture and outdoor elements– which can cause damage requiring a potentially costly replacement.

Call in the pros

If your sign’s located high up or in an inaccessible location for you or your employees, just give the experts here at Pinnacle Signs in North Little Rock a call. We’re here to help you maintain your sign, or address any problems that may have arisen since installation.

Give us a call today to get your sign looking brand-new again, ASAP!