How to Attract Customers Using Signs


By their very nature, signs exist to attract attention. A sign that’s quiet and unobtrusive enough for people to easily miss it doesn’t serve much of a function at all. 

But for a truly effective sign design, attracting attention alone isn’t enough. Going overboard, and creating a gigantic, brightly lit sign that demands attention doesn’t work for most businesses– that is, unless you’re located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Branding is everything

Creating a cohesive, attractive visual branding strategy is an essential task for virtually every company and organization, in every field. You want customers to build brand recognition, and to immediately draw a connection between your visuals and your products or services.

The very best branding is tailor-made to fit your company’s desired vibe and customer base. A company that makes high-quality scientific equipment, for example, should have a very different brand strategy than a company that makes fun science products for young students.

Whether you have an existing visual strategy or not, the design experts here at Pinnacle Signs will work with you to put something together that’s perfect for capturing the right kind of attention, from the right kinds of people.

Consider the environment

Bigger and brighter is not always better. Most cities and towns have a signage code that details the maximum square footage of any exterior sign, with additional requirements for lighting and installation. 

If you’re located within a shopping plaza or another space with multiple businesses, you’ll most likely also have to adhere to their signage code– which might specify that you need to have exterior lettering of a certain height, lit a certain way, or in a certain location.

Even if you’re not restricted by signage codes, you have to consider the environment your signage will be placed in. Are you located on a quiet street without many other businesses? Or are you located on a busy urban street where signs of all kinds are everywhere? If you’re located somewhere near a busy street, how fast are the cars going?

Believe it or not, some larger corporations have very specific requirements that use multiple factors to determine the size and style of signage that they’ll use. Some of these factors include the distance from the sign to the street, the number of lanes in the street, and the speed limit on that street. If a sign is further away from a busy street with a higher speed limit, it’ll be larger– and vice versa. 

The goal is to draw attention enough for drivers not to miss your sign, without distracting or overwhelming them enough to cause a hazard.

Color is key

A large and brightly lit sign is essentially useless if it’s designed so that it’s unreadable from a distance. Considering the role of color and contrast in your sign design is essential.

Of course, if you have established brand guidelines, you’ll want to go with the colors you’ve chosen for those purposes. But if there’s not much contrast between those colors, you might want to find another element to help make the sign as legible as possible to passersby. This could be something as simple as a thin black outline around your lettering.

Leave it to the experts

As a business owner, you most likely have to wear a lot of hats. Considering the design and visibility of your signage, and the cohesivity of your branding, might not be in your wheelhouse, and that’s okay. At Pinnacle Signs, we’re experts– and we’re prepared to design and fabricate a sign that’s absolutely perfect for your specific business and customer base.

Reach out to us for a quote, and let’s get started today!