Back to School Signs

Back to school season is an exciting time for parents, students, schools, and businesses! Don’t miss an opportunity to advertise your business’s back to school specials or help parents find their way around your campus. Whether you’re a business or manage a school or church campus, there are tons of ways to capitalize on back to school season with back to school signs!

Back to School Signs for Businesses

Advertise your back to school sales and specials with crisp new signage! Attract customers and spark their interests by posting signage outside of your business and throughout your store or office. Running a special on insurance or other services for teachers? Capitalizing on a tax-free weekend to sell new school clothes and supplies? Offering discounts on your other products and services for school employees? Create the perfect signage to advertise big savings – and drive big sales!

In addition to signs advertising sales and specials, take this time of increased economic activity to consider your other signage. Should you upgrade your current business signage to include an electronic message center or video feature to welcome your community back to school after the fall, winter, spring, or summer breaks? Or maybe update your signage with exterior wall signs? When back to school shoppers come around, make sure your store or office is ready with great business signage!

Back to School Signs for Schools

Back to school time can be exciting – and stressful – for schools and school employees! Get some help thinking through your new student drop-off traffic patterns or student parking lot. Call a sign professional for clear, cohesive wayfinding signs that direct parents and students in a smooth flow of traffic at the beginning and end of each day. You’ll be amazed by how much more efficient your drop-off, pick-up, and parking processes can be with the right wayfinding and directional signage!

As your students are returning to the classroom, consider what other signage around campus might need an update or an upgrade. Kick off another successful sports season with signage on scoreboards, sports fields, and fieldhouses that express school spirit and identify facilities. Of course, you can also take this time to update sponsor and other signage on your sports fields or other facilities, attracting new support and recognizing your partners in education. 

Whether you need new channel letter signs or upgraded electronic messaging center signs in front of your school buildings, include some messaging capability to communicate upcoming events and important reminders to parents and students. Consider wayfinding and directional signage inside and outside of your school buildings. And don’t forget to keep all of your school buildings clearly labeled and easily identifiable for safety and clarity!

Back to School Signs for Churches

Whether you have a preschool or daycare facility on campus or just want to welcome families back from travel-heavy school breaks, back to school signs can be a great engagement piece for churches. Take the opportunity during back to school season to re-think your traffic flow and parking arrangements. Consider, too, that new families might be moving into your community with the start of a new school semester. Update your wayfinding signs outside and inside of the building to ensure that new and returning families can easily find their way into and through your buildings. And make sure that your church signs are clear, legible, and attractive to guide people back to church after a school break!

Get Help from the Visibility Pros 

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we sell visibility. Our design and sign industry professionals can help you assess your current signage and recommend updates and improvements that guide your customers, students, or parishioners right where they need to be. Sometimes, it’s hard to anticipate the needs of people visiting your business, school, or church. But you don’t have to do it alone! Call us today for a signage and visibility audit and get yourself a team of professionals to design and install your signage quickly and professionally