COVID-19 & Coronavirus Signage for Your Business

COVID-19 is changing almost everything about how we live our day-to-day lives. We’re shopping, eating, working out, visiting friends and family, traveling, and entertaining ourselves differently than we ever have before. And while the change was almost instantaneous, adapting to it is a little more difficult. 

That’s why Pinnacle Signs and Graphics is offering a full line of COVID-19 and Coronavirus signage for your business. We offer signs to encourage, inform, and educate your customers and employees during this difficult time.

Why You Need COVID-19 & Coronavirus Signage For Your Business

Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, many businesses are suffering as the pandemic carries on. Many businesses have had to close their doors completely, while others are offering limited services or putting services on hold until life becomes more normal. The biggest challenge all businesses are facing is being able to communicate efficiently and directly with their audience. 

Service Hours Signage ‐ Let Them Know You’re Open for Business

You want to ensure that people know you’re open for business and ready to serve them – especially if your hours or services have changed. Posting on social media, changing your Google listings, and providing information on your website are all excellent ways to inform people of the changes to your business, but you still have to consider the people who drive by automatically or head to your place on a spontaneous outing 

If they drive by during your new hours and the store is closed, they may assume you’re closed for good and take their business elsewhere – permanently. Avoid this kind of disaster by investing in large, easy-to-read, clearly visible service hours signage so they know they can return at a later date to support your business. 

Social Distancing Signage ‐ Direct Your Customer and/or Employee Flow

You can use social distancing signs as a friendly reminder to your employees or customers to keep a safe, 6-foot distance between themselves and others in your place of business. We can provide wall signs, banners for aisles, vinyl floor decals, and any other social distancing signage you may need.

If you own a retail store, you can use floor decals, arrows on your walls, and clearly marked entrances and exits on aisles to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly through the store while ensuring that people are able to browse without worrying about someone coming unexpectedly around the corner.

Heroes/Recognition Graphics ‐ Thank Your Employees or Local Heroes

Recognize the healthcare workers, sanitation and utility workers, government employees, teachers, and other frontline heroes in your community with temporary yard signs, building banners, or other COVID-19 and coronavirus signage for your business. Say thank you, welcome them back, or just offer a few words of encouragement. 

This kind of gesture can go a long way towards boosting morale and letting the community know that you appreciate them and you’re involved. We have art files ready to go, or we can help you create a custom design.

Germ Prevention Signage ‐ Promote Health and Safety

These signs are perfect for reminding your office employees about the steps they can take to stay safe and healthy as they return to the workplace. We offer signage for bathrooms that displays the appropriate way to wash your hands, distancing signs, and signs encouraging temperature checks, one-time use of gloves, and the use of face masks. 

Set them up as visual reminders that educate and remind your employees, guests, or customers that your business is taking every precaution to ensure their continued health and well-being. 

Curbside Service Signage ‐ Limit the Confusion

If you are offering curbside services, the appropriate signage can help limit confusion and frustration. Set up signs in designated parking spots with any information the customer may need. For instance, if you need the customer to call, text, or honk their horn to alert you to their arrival, post those numbers and instructions on your sign. 

You may also want to thank them for their business and apologize for any delay or inconvenience during this difficult time. A little placation goes a long way towards preventing frustration. When you thank people for their patience ahead of time, they are much more likely to remain patient for longer. 

We offer COVID-19 and coronavirus signage for your business in these – and many other – formats and designs. If there is anything, in particular, you would like to make known to your employees or customers regarding your coronavirus services or policies, just contact Pinnacle Signs and Graphics and we’re more than happy to help you design the perfect signage.