It’s Time to Audit Your Company’s Signage

Even if the ink hasn’t dried on your company’s newest signage yet, you could benefit from an audit of the in-store and external signage you’re using to drive sales and build customer experiences. Regular audits of your company signage can maximize their value and keep your messaging clear and consistent. Company signage audits will also ensure that you’re up-to-date on the latest information and trends in marketing and sales effectiveness. 

When Should We Audit Our Company Signage?

You should audit your company signage at least once each year. The best timing for an audit is usually when you’re evaluating your marketing plan, but there are a number of other time an audit is in order. Consider a company signage audit when:

  • Your brand colors or logo change
  • Your mission statement or core values change
  • Your business significantly changes its products and/or services
  • Your business expands or shrinks
  • Your community is celebrating special events or experiencing difficult times

In any of these cases, review your company’s signage to make sure that you are promoting a consistent brand message and keeping your customers or clients informed about special hours or safety precautions. If you’ve never conducted a signage audit – or if it’s been more than a year since your last signage audit – the best time for a company signage audit is now.

Auditing Your Company’s Signage in Three Steps

So how do you perform a company signage audit? Put your eyes on every piece of signage you have – from the sign on the front of your business to the hand-washing notice in your bathrooms – and follow these three steps:
1. Check for Visibility

What good is signage if no one can see it? Visibility begins with your customers’ and employees’ ability to see them – but this consideration extends to where the signs are located, whether they are readable, and how easy it is for your customers to understand the signage’s purpose. Consider where your signs are located and if your customers, clients, employees, or other stakeholders can actually read them. Make sure that the placement of the signs is appropriate. For example, is your payment signage near checkout or other payment locations? Make sure the sign is easily readable – in an appropriate font and at the appropriate size. Finally, make sure your signage presents a clear, simple message. 

2. Check for Vibrancy

Is your signage bright and clear? Make sure that your signs aren’t sending the wrong message to your customers with faded colors or tired graphics. Some signs serve the important purpose of being a customer’s first impression of your business. But even signage throughout your business speak volumes about your brand. Avoid the “broken window” pitfall with aging signs by making sure that they are displayed correctly and their colors are bright and clear. 

3. Check for Relevance

Even if your signs are clearly visible and vibrant, you need to make sure they are still relevant to your business. Do the logos and images on your signage still match your company’s brand identity? Is the call to action on your signage up-to-date and relevant to your current marketing efforts? Make sure that your signs are consistently projecting your company’s message to your customers and clients. You may also want to consider if your signage could be more effective with an update to reflect marketing trends. QR codes, for example, returned to prominence with the arrival of COVID-19 safety precautions and more prevalence in restaurants and retail locations. Is it time to update your signage to reflect trends of the times? Finally, make sure that your signs are still compliant with any local, state, or federal requirements, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Professional Signage for Your Company

These three easy steps are a great start for any company signage audit. Look over your business and its signage from top to bottom to make sure you’re up to date and on brand. When it’s time to update your signage, contact us to learn how our signage experts can help you manage your customers’ experience with professional signage!