Spring Cleaning? Refresh Your Business Look with New and Updated Signs and Graphics

Spring brings green grass and bright colors to replace the drab scenery of winter. Take nature’s hint to bring a breath of fresh air to your business for a refreshing customer experience! Out with the old and in with the new – here’s how to refresh your business look with new and updated signs and graphics!

Out with the Old, In with the New

You might have seasonal signage stored and ready for the new season. Take a look around your business to see which signs or graphics are outdated – with old logos or information – and need to be replaced. Then, take inventory of your seasonal signage and decorations to make sure everything is on brand and still look brand new. If some of your seasonal signage or graphics are damaged or looking like they’ve been around a season too long, it might be time for an upgrade! Whether you need a sign or graphic recreated or want to benefit from a designer’s eye as you get your business ready for Spring, a professional printer with full-time designers – like Pinnacle Signs and Graphics – can be a big help!

Make Your Business Graphics Pop with Full Color Signage

Spring is all about sunshine and bright colors. Ditch the homemade signs or black and white office printer notices for full-color graphics that show off your brand! Match your color scheme to your business’s logo or brand identity and brighten up the room – even during infamous April showers. If you don’t already have a color palette for your brand, consult with a professional printer with a full-time design team like Pinnacle Signs and Graphics! We can help you identify complementary colors so your business’s Spring look is cohesive, attractive, and eye-catching. 

Whether you need printed signage or vinyl graphics, a seasonal look and a pop of color will draw your customers in and get their attention! All signage – directional, informational, or otherwise – says something about your business. Make sure you’re presenting a professional, attractive image to your potential customers!

Outside or Inside, Show Your Best Side!

Don’t limit the Spring cleaning to your lobby, showroom, or shopping space signage! Take a walk around the outside of your business to make sure that your signage is still showing your best side to the public eye. Is your outside signage looking faded? Are your lighted signs still shining bright? Outdated, damaged, or aging signage doesn’t go unnoticed – make sure you’re not overlooking an eyesore from the customer’s point of view!

Next time you drive up to your business, take note of how the signage looks from the street, from the parking lot, and getting out of your car. Then, make a note of which signage new and existing customers see as they approach your front door. Take a tour of your business – from the parking lot to the lobby to the restrooms – and make a note of every sign or graphic you’re using to communicate with your customers. You might be surprised what gets overlooked throughout your workday and end up taking signs down for replacement on your walk. These signs and graphics are your customers’ first impression of your business! Make sure they’re sending the right message. 

Partner with the Pros at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics for a Springtime Refresh!

When it comes to putting your best foot forward in business, you need a professional sign and graphic company with a keen eye for design. At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we sell visibility! Our team can help your business get noticed and enhance your brand with attractive, functional signs and graphics no matter the season. As you’re Spring cleaning your business, don’t forget to take a good look at the messages you’re sending to your customers. Then, contact us today to get your business ready for a new season of sales and success!