The Impact of Cut and Printed Graphics on Brand Presence

May 10, 2024 | Blog

Pinnacle Signs is Arkansas’ one-stop-shop for all things signage and graphics. We help clients learn how to enhance and build their brand presence and visibility every day. One method of doing that is by boosting our client’s brand presence through the use of cut and printed graphics. 

In today’s world, the possibilities for vinyl graphics are virtually limitless. At Pinnacle Signs, we specialize in harnessing the power of cut and printed graphics to bring an extra level of creativity and impact to your environment.

But what, exactly, is a brand presence? How do cut and printed graphics affect brand presence? Let’s dive into it.


What is Brand Presence?


Your brand presence, or identity, is an aspect of your business that you want to continuously push and add upon every day. By utilizing different types of advertising and graphics, you can push your brand’s presence to the max! Increased brand identity and presence will set your business apart from competitors, keep your business current and recognizable, and bring in new and recurring customers.

Having a recognizable brand identity is necessary in the modern business landscape. Within this identity should be tangible and intangible elements, like what your brand values are, and what you bring to the table. Your brand presence and identity will serve as your business’s outer appearance or face.

Think of your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and style, as your brand “kit”. This kit makes up your brand’s outer appearance and will serve as your brand’s ability to be recognized. 


What Are Cut and Printed Graphics, and How Can They Impact Your Business Brand Presence?


Cut and printed graphics are one of Pinnacle Signs’s specialties. From sleek cut vinyl logos to eye-catching full wall wraps, the use of graphics can elevate the visual appeal and advertising effectiveness of any space. By utilizing cut and printed graphics in your brand identity, you can boost your business’s visibility in a crowded marketplace.

You can find cut or printed graphics in the form of business names, logos, or promotional material that is printed and cut from vinyl. Sometimes you can find printed graphics in the form of wallpaper that matches a business’s branding and is installed in the lobby or interior of a storefront! 

That being said, no space is too big or small for cut and printed graphics! Pinnacle can tailor the cut and print size of graphics to suit a business’s specific needs and preferences, making cut and printed graphics an easy, highly effective way to increase brand visibility and drive advertising efficiency. 

Graphic placement strategies should be considered when installing your cut and printed graphics. By placing your graphics in high-traffic areas, or by using them to transform an otherwise boring and mundane space into an engaging visual experience, you can engage your customers and leave a lasting impression. 

A great example of the use of cut and printed graphics often comes from coffee shops. For example, Fidel & Co. Coffee Roasters in Little Rock has an organic, warm, bohemian yet modern aesthetic at both of their locations. Their highly recognizable, custom-printed logo was cut and printed onto vinyl and adhered to their exterior glass doors. 

Fidel & Co’s biggest use of cut and printed graphics is seen on their mugs, cups, merch, and wholesale beans. Their mugs and cups are adorned with the Fidel & Co. logo, while canvas tote bags have their imagery printed on the side. Fidel and Co. display these items all around their two locations while leaving their overall decor to be organic, cozy, and lacking branding and advertising. 

Fidel & Co. uses their own roasted beans. By utilizing cut and printed graphics on their merchandise around the cafe and near the register, there’s no mistaking that the ambiance and customer experience they’re creating is uniquely their own. Every time you walk away with a piece of Fidel & Co. merchandise, you’re helping advertise this one-of-a-kind experience and small business. 

If you’re not from Arkansas, a more well-known example of cut and printed graphics can be seen at Starbucks. 

Starbucks advertising is in constant circulation and changes frequently due to their seasonal branding and promotions. Most of their advertising isn’t permanent and is meant to move easily. This is why you’ll see that the bulk of their graphics and advertising are not installed permanently. Instead, often you’ll find that Starbucks uses cut and printed vinyls that are adhered to the glass partitions or windows and advertise a seasonal promotion. The Starbucks logo adorns cups, mugs, and merchandise, which is prominently displayed near the menus and spots to wait in line. 

Given that their advertising is always changing, the content will vary, but the location of their advertising always stays the same. Starbucks loves to utilize its large glass windows, doors, and partitions as ample advertising space that can be repeatedly changed using vinyl stickers. Each of these advertising locations is strategic.

Advertising on windows and exterior doors is a great way to get a customer’s attention before they’ve even set foot inside. Placing graphics and promotional material near where customers would find themselves waiting or browsing is also extremely beneficial. Eye-level advertising is always a great strategy. 


In Conclusion


Cut and printed graphics are highly effective in increasing brand visibility and driving advertising efficiency. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, highlight promotions, or reinforce branding and messages, cut and printed graphics can help you achieve your marketing goals with maximum impact.

Pinnacle Signs can help you design, cut, and print graphics! Our skilled technicians are here to ensure that each of our clients experiences a professional and precise installation process. We are committed to quality design, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction so that you can trust that your investment in cut and printed graphics is a good one.

To get a quote, or to ask questions about the cut and printed graphics process, visit us online, or give us a call at 501-812-4433. A member of the Pinnacle Signs team will be happy to help.

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