The Power of Strategic Graphic Placement

May 20, 2024 | Blog, Business Signs, Commercial Signs

There is a psychology and strategy to all businesses and storefronts that owners implement to improve their sales, attract customers, and retain those customers. This strategy is called strategic graphic placement.

For example, think of when you walk into a grocery store. Generally, in the vestibule between the first sets of doors, this week’s or month’s deals are printed big on the walls by the shopping carts and baskets. 

Though you might not realize it, this advertisement is quite purposeful. In all likelihood, people who are going to spend the most amount of time in the store, and spend the most amount of money, are going to need a cart. So, they’ll stop there first, in the vestibule, and they will likely see the advertisement above them.

The chances of the item on the board being something the customer already needs or wants to get is already high. This advertisement will likely influence the customer to pick up this item and partake in the deal, or maybe they’ll tell a friend about it.

Or, have you ever noticed how the Nike logo sits on the outside of both pairs of their shoes? There’s no mistaking the iconic logo, but by having the iconic “swoosh” on the outside of both pairs of shoes, there is truly no way to mistake what company made those shoes.


Eye Level is Buy Level

Strategic graphic placement is a crucial element of visual merchandising. The “Eye Level is Buy Level” strategy is often used in visual merchandising. By placing the most profitable, popular, or attractive items and their respective advertising at eye level, you make the item easily visible and accessible to customers. Therefore, encouraging them to purchase these, or remember them for later.

POP displays, or Point of Purchase displays, implement the “Eye Level is Buy Level” strategy. By utilizing eye-catching graphics at eye level and boldly displaying the product by itself, you not only engage the customer with your graphics, but you encourage the customer to engage with just your products, or specific products that you wish for them to buy, such as new products. 

Unique brand identities and custom designs are necessary for successful advertising. Without a unique brand identity, in combination with strategic graphic placement, customers will be far less likely to recognize your brand or take notice of it.

Pinnacle Signs specializes in enhancing brand visibility. By creating custom designs, such as graphics, logos, and print media, you are building the “face” of your brand. For examples of how Pinnacle Signgs does custom graphics, visit our custom designs gallery.

Placement of graphics, such as logos, taglines, and advertisements, establishes your brand’s place in the mind of your audience. Successful positioning and placement of graphics will differentiate a business from its competitors, allowing for your business to fit within a specific niche in which its audience resides.

Good advertising strategies are only as good as we make them. A strategy is not a successful one if it is only accessible to able-bodied people. This is why Pinnacle Structures understands the importance of making advertising and graphics ADA-compliant. 

What is ADA compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design are in place to ensure that electronic information and technology are accessible to people with disabilities in order to make graphics, signage, advertisements, information, etc. available to everyone. 

Strategic graphic placements are only as effective as we make them. By making signage, advertising, and graphics ADA-compliant, you ensure that every customer and patron is included in your business or services.

The Pinnacle Signs team is happy to discuss ways to make your graphics and advertising ADA-compliant. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your business is welcoming, informative, and inclusive for all. If you have questions about how you can make an inclusive advertising strategy, give us a call at 501-812-4433.

How Pinnacle Signs Can Help You Build a Graphic Placement Strategy


At Pinnacle Signs, we sell visibility. We can help you create custom graphics with unique and personalized designs that truly reflect your brand identity. Pinnacle Signs has a team of full-time, talented designers who can create custom solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our designers will work closely with you to understand your brand values, target audience, and marketing goals to ensure that your custom graphics reflect you, and make a lasting impression.

We’ll start from the very beginning, from the concept to the design. We will help you create everything from a logo to brand development, and we’ll create a strategy to design material and advertising that seamlessly integrates with your brand strategy. From there, we’ll work on the integration of your custom graphics into signage solutions and advertising strategies.

The entire design and integration process is collaborative. Transparency and communication are key here. Together, we’ll design your custom graphics, and work on strategic graphic placement in your business to enhance your visibility and brand awareness. 

Do you have questions about how you can integrate strategic graphic placement into your advertising strategy? Are you ready to collaborate with the Pinnacle Signs team on your brand’s next adventure? Let’s chat! Give us a call at 501-812-4422, or fill out the contact form here.

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