What Are Some Types of Building Signs?

The importance of a great building sign can’t be underestimated. It lets people know where your business is located– which is necessary if you want people to come in! It can also give people a good impression of what you’re all about, even at a glance.


A beautiful sign can help create brand recognition within your community, too. As people go about their lives in your area, they’ll see your sign and even use it as a landmark. When the time comes when they need your company’s services, they’ll know exactly where to go!


But choosing the correct kind of sign can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. To help you make the most informed decision, we’ve compiled some of the most popular types of business signs for your reference.


Monument Signs

 Monument signs are freestanding structures, usually located low to the ground. They’re used to help indicate where people can find the entrance to a building or business.

They’re often made from study, long-lasting materials like brick, stone, or concrete. That means they can definitely stand the test of time, making them a solid investment for many years to come.

Monument signs are often used for places like hospitals, schools, and churches. Because they’re low to the ground, they are well-suited for changeable message centers to let people know current information like operating hours, sermon times, or important dates.


Channel Letters

Although the term “channel letters” is most often used within the sign industry, you probably see hundreds of channel letters throughout your daily life without even knowing it.

Channel letters are the three-dimensional letters you often see on the sides of buildings. Name just about any national chain business and you’ll be able to picture their sign– drugstores, fast food restaurants, and department stores all use channel letters to help people find their way in.

These letters are often internally illuminated, which allows them to be visible at any time of day or night. 

Because they’re usually mounted directly to the face of the building, internally illuminated channel letters lend a clean look to your signage that’s highly visible and free from distractions.


Dimensional Letters

Although dimensional letters sound similar to channel letters, they have some important differences.

Dimensional letters are individual letters that can be mounted directly to the face of a building– or mounted to a monument sign! They’re usually made from metal or acrylic, and they come in just about any size and style you can imagine.

The most important difference between channel and dimensional letters is the lighting. Dimensional letters are solid, while channel letters are hollow to allow for electrical wiring. That means that dimensional letters require an additional, external light source if you’d like them to be visible at night.

Dimensional letters are incredibly versatile– they can make your business look classy and well-established, or fun and fresh. It all depends on the style you choose!


Pylon Signs

When you’re driving on the highway, you typically see plenty of pylon signs. They’re located high up in the air, to let drivers know that a truck stop or restaurant is nearby. Because of their height, they’re impossible to miss!

But pylon signs aren’t limited to truck stops and fast food restaurants. The term “pylon sign” just means that the sign is located high up in the air, with sturdy pylons for support.

The aesthetic possibilities for a pylon sign are virtually infinite. You can choose to use a brightly colored, internally illuminated sign for maximum visibility like the ones you see on highways, or you can use wood, stone, and metal to create something more elegant that still lets people know where they can find you


What type of sign is right for me?

At Pinnacle Signs, we sell visibility. That means we’re committed to building a sign that helps you and your business get noticed and look great to your community.

If you’re not sure which type of sign is right for your business, don’t worry! We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution. Reach out for a free quote or give us a call today!