What Kind of Business Benefits Most From Monument Signs?

In order to run a successful business, you need customers. In order to run a successful school or church, people need to be able to find you. 

If you’re running any kind of business or organization from a brick-and-mortar location, visibility is your best friend.

That’s why the importance of signage cannot be underestimated. At just a glance, people can find out what they need to know about your business– what goods or services are you offering? 

What’s the general vibe? Are you a black-tie-affair kind of place, or do you welcome a more casual clientele?

Send the right message with a monument sign

Monument signs are free-standing signs typically located relatively low to the ground, although they can vary widely in design. In fact, it’s this type of versatility that makes monument signs perfectly suited to all kinds of applications.

You probably see at least a dozen monument signs as you go about your daily life. 

They’re used to indicate the entrances to neighborhoods, shopping plazas, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and more.

Monument signs can be internally illuminated to draw visitors’ attention at any time of day, or lit with external spotlights. 

They can be made from brick, stucco, concrete, faux wood, and virtually any other building material you can think of.

In short, they can be adapted to suit just about any purpose.

But what business can benefit most from a monument sign?

Although monument signs are incredibly versatile, they don’t work for every single application.

For example, a single store located inside a larger shopping plaza or a mall couldn’t use a monument sign to draw in customers. The same is true for stores and other places located in crowded urban environments.

Local zoning laws often restrict sizing of monument signs in addition to determining how far away from the road they should be located– so if there’s not enough room between the business and the road to place a monument sign, it’s obviously not going to be a good fit!

Monument signs tend to lend themselves best to buildings with a little more space around them. That’s why you often see monument signs at the entrances to churches, schools, and businesses located on enough land to have a “campus” of sorts.

Why do monument signs work best for schools and churches?

If you picture a school or church monument sign, you’re probably imagining signs with changeable letters, allowing the organization to announce the latest news or welcome new visitors.

Monument signs lend themselves best to places who have frequent messages they need to share with the community– like which day is the first day of school, or what time Sunday services begin. Even in the age of the internet, physically seeing a sign with the information you need can be incredibly helpful when putting together your family’s schedule.

Plus, monument signs today can take advantage of EMCs, or Electronic Message Centers– an even easier way of sharing information that can be updated digitally, eliminating the need to physically change out the letters!

How can I get a monument sign for my organization?

At Pinnacle Signs, we pride ourselves on our signage expertise. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what type of sign will work best for your business or organization, down to the size, building materials, lighting, and location.


If you’d like to get started with a free quote today, feel free to send us a quote request or give us a call at 501-812-4433!