What to Do When Your Business Signs and Graphics are Damaged

Your business signs and graphics are the first impression your customers get of your business and the products and services you offer. Keeping them in tip-top condition is crucial to make sure that lasting impression is a good one! But what happens if your business signs or graphics are damaged? You’ve got to take quick action to make sure that your hard-earned brand image remains intact. 

Assess the Damage and Determine How It Happened

First and foremost, you’ve got to know what you’re dealing with. How the damage happened goes hand in hand with this initial assessment. Ask yourself:

  • Is this minor damage (like a peeling, cracking, or shriveling window graphic) or major damage (like a lighted sign that has fallen from a post or building)?
  • Is the damage contained to a single sign or graphic – or does it extend across multiple signs and graphics?
  • Was the damage caused by a structural issue or some external force?
  • Did this damage co-occur with damage to my building or business location?
  • Does this damage put anyone at risk of injury?

Answering these questions will help you assess the extent of the damage and know what to do next. At any point in your assessment, you can call the experts at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics for a consultation to understand your options going forward. If your damaged signs or graphics present a potential safety issue, do as much as you can to remove the damaged sign or graphic to prevent any liability to your business. 

Consult Your Insurance Agent for Major Damage

If you sustained damage to your signs or graphics as a result of a natural disaster or as a result of a break-in or other adverse action by a bad actor, consult your insurance company to see if the damage might be covered under your policy. You may be able to file a claim with your insurance company to recover any costs of replacing the damaged sign or graphic, cleanup, and safety risk mitigation. Your insurance agent will be able to inform you of any deductibles and the cost and/or benefits of filing an insurance claim for the damage.

Repair or Replace the Damaged Sign or Graphic As Soon As Possible

Act quickly to repair or replace your damaged sign or graphic. You don’t want concern over the damage to keep customers from coming to your business. And your hard-earned brand image could suffer if you let a broken sign represent you to the public for any time at all! If you’re able to repair the sign immediately, even if you plan to replace the sign, do so. 

Replacing a damaged sign could be an opportunity to refresh your brand image and redesign your business signs and graphics. Working with a professional designer, consider if the sign you want to go up on your business needs to change to promote clarity or reinforce your brand! From lighted signs to vinyl graphics, our team at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics can help you reimagine your business signs for greater impact. 

No matter what, choose a sign company who can repair or replace your sign quickly and professionally. Choose a sign company that offers in-house design and installation to speed up your recovery! Time is money – don’t get stuck with a contractor who slows down your repair or replacement process.

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, We Can Help!

As an experienced, caring local business, we’re here to help when you’ve experienced damage to your business signs and graphics. From simple repairs to full redesigns and replacement, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We handle every part of the process in-house – from eye-catching design work to professional installation. At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, we sell visibility! We can help you assess any damage and plan to build back bigger and better. Contact us today for a free consultation.