Where to Install Wall Graphics in Your Space

Wall graphics make an immediate, indelible visual impact in any space. But slapping a graphic on a wall somewhere in your business isn’t the answer. Thoughtful design and intentional placement can help you move beyond a trend and create the customer or client experience you desire. Where you install wall graphics in your space will depend on your visual marketing and visual impact strategy and the type of business you run. But there are a few key places in every business where a wall graphic can make a big visual impact.

Start with Strategy

Before you start applying graphics to every wall in your business, spend time to think through your customer or client experience strategy. Do you want to guide customers through your retail space or reinforce brand messages for team members at a call center? Are you looking for visual impact in a car dealership or brand-reinforcing ambience at a restaurant? Your business demands and the needs of your customers should inform every decision you make – especially when it comes to branding and wall graphics.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact the professionals at Pinnacle Signs and Graphics. We can walk through your space with you and suggest how to enhance your customers’ experience with wall graphics and decals. We’re with you every step of the way – from project inception to graphic design and application.

Bring Customers Into Your Business With Exterior Wall Graphics

Your customer experience starts before they even come through the door. Great signage is more than the business name out front or the sign by the road. If you have an exterior wall that is perfect for messaging or your storefront looks bland, design a wall graphic that will bring customers in. An exterior wall with lots of surface area is a blank canvas for your business and a great opportunity to make a positive first impression!

Welcome Your Guests with a Stunning Wall Graphic

Those first impressions are crucial to developing long-lasting customer relationships. Consider the first thing your customers see when they come into your business. Is it a reception desk? An open retail space? A stairwell up to your location?

Take the opportunity to make a stunning first impression with a wall graphic that draws your customer’s eyes to their first point of contact. Create a work of art that reinforces your brand colors and values for that reception desk, a sales-enhancing graphic pointing your customers to the latest products, or a fun and engaging graphic to prepare your customers as they climb that stairwell! Points of entry make a great spot for wall graphics.

Reinforce Your Brand Message at a Point of Sale or Service

Whether you sell products or services, your customer experience likely includes checking out at a point of sale or service. Whether that’s a cash register at a retail store or a service kiosk at an auto dealership, you’re looking at a big opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your customer. Reinforce your brand messaging with wall graphics that celebrate your customer’s new purchase. 

Get creative in these spaces by capturing the elation of a new purchase. Feature finish lines and action photos to celebrate those new running shoes, outdoor adventure scenes for that better-running truck or SUV, or a collage of “Cheers!” and “Thank You”s in languages from around the world for that ice-cold beverage. Make an impact and make your customers feel good as they check out at your business location and they’ll be happy to come back next time they’re in the market for your product or service.

Get Wall Graphic Help from the Pros

At Pinnacle Signs and Graphics, our team is full of creative design professionals and certified installation technicians. We can help you strategize for maximum impact, design your space for wall graphic installation, and get the job done right! Call us today for your free consultation and quote.