The Importance of Branding Your Building: How Building Signs Can Boost Your Business

As a business owner, you already know that visibility is one of the very most important things when it comes to business success. After all, the more people see your brand, the more people know about it… the more people know about it, the more people remember it– and the more people remember it, the more clients and customers you’ll attract.

One great way to increase your brand’s visibility is to create a customized building sign. Building signs not only make your business more visible to potential customers, but also create a lasting impression (also known as brand recognition!).

We’ve compiled some of the most important ways that a great building sign can boost your business.

1. Increased visibility

A well-designed, eye-catching business sign can help you stand out in a crowd– even if there are a lot of other businesses around, a great sign can set you apart from the pack and help people recognize and remember your brand in the future.


2. Makes a great first impression

A customized building sign can tell your customers a lot about your business before they ever set foot inside the door.

Your sign should communicate some basic information about your business– your name, your logo or a good example of your visual brand, and perhaps some contact information like your address or phone number.

However, the design and quality of your sign will also communicate to your customers that you care about your image– that you’ve put time and effort into this sign and are likely to put the same care into your products or services.


3. Helps establish your brand

Brand recognition is very important in turning a prospective customer into a customer– and then a repeat customer! 

The more people see your brand, the more they remember it. Imagine your business sells stationery and has a beautiful, memorable sign outside.

If someone drives past your store every day on the way to work, that sign is going to make a mental impression– even subconsciously. Then, if they ever find themselves in need of some beautiful stationery, it’s likely your store will come to mind– since they’re already familiar with it!


4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing your business can become a very costly project. Paying for ad space, or promoting social media posts, can add up quickly. 

While digital marketing is important and undoubtedly something that shouldn’t be ignored, don’t forget about “real-world” advertising, too. 

Fortunately, your business sign can do double duty. It functions as a landmark to let people know where your business is located, but it also serves as 24/7 advertising for your business! It’s always there, letting people know where you’re located and what you do. That’s some cost-effective marketing!

How can I choose the right sign for my business?

We’ve previously gone into greater detail on this subject, but the basics are: find a good location and figure out a sign size and style that works well within the context of where your sign will live.

Keep it simple– make sure that the information you want people to notice is easily accessible and legible.

Finally, make sure that your sign is a great example of your company’s visual brand in order to keep things consistent and recognizable to customers!


Where should I start when creating my own business sign? 

The world of signage can be intimidating at first, especially if you’re not familiar with basic sign materials and local zoning laws. Fortunately, the experts here at Pinnacle Signs are here to help advise you at every step of the way. Give us a call today, or reach out for a free quote, to get started!

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